Intro into ‘Vintage Tea Rose’

Intro into ‘Vintage Tea Rose’

So it is currently 2am in the morning, and I’ve decided to start a blog. Presently I do not have any real concept of what I will be writing about, and I have this irrational fear that whatever my first post is about is what any following post must be about, as if I’ll be locked into only beauty, books, life, decor etc. which I am aware is a bit absurd considering that firstly, it’s my blog, and secondly, the chances of anyone else reading this is pretty slim to none, so who exactly do I think is going to care if I don’t follow a specific theme regarding what I post? I think this will probably just work better if I act as if these post are just for future me to look at. And hey, it is two in the morning after all, come a sensible time of day and the motivation to have a blog may have worn off the same way every evening I think, ”I’ll exercise tomorrow” for it only not to happen.

I’ll wait and see.


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