Everyday Skincare

Everyday Skincare


Skin type: combination (more oily or dry depending on the season)

These are my most used, everyday products. On the days I am wearing makeup I mostly remove it with LÓreal’s cleansing oil or if I’m being lazy, Johnson’s facial wipes. The cleansing oil works brilliantly, melting off all my makeup so easily, just try avoid getting it in your eyes or your eyesight will go a bit blurry and you’ll start to panic (well, I did at least). I apply it to a dry face with dry hands, rub it all in. Then I dampen my hands, rubbing the water into the oil, before washing it off the same way I would a face wash.

I will then move onto whichever face wash I feel my skin most requires presently, I do have a good amount of washes to choose from but I find myself mostly reaching for Clean & Clear’s deep action cream wash or Sanctuary’s warming detox charcoal wash. Clean and & Clear is an all round good wash, it leaves my skin feeling clean, helps reduce oil, helps both prevent and minimise current breakouts and is very quick and simple to use as it doesn’t require any extra steps like some face washes. It is also cheap, priced at around £3 and widely available, it is a constant repurchase for me. The Sanctuary charcoal wash isn’t too much more expensive, selling at around £9, I like Sanctuary as a brand, everything I have tried so far I’ve liked, when I have used up this tube I will repurchase and look at the other washes they sell too. You use this wash on a dry face, gently massaging it in until the gel becomes silky, add a few drops of water and continue to massage it into a lather (don’t expect an intense lather) and then rinse it off. I find myself reaching for this on days where my skin feels extra greasy and clogged (when I think about it in my head I find myself describing it as the days when my skin feels like a dirty greasy plate that needs a good washing… anyhoo’s).


Whether I use a face mask, face wash, or just plain old soap I always follow it up with La Roche-Posay Serozinc spray which is a toner, and sells for around £8 (again, all depends where you are buying it from and sales). It is designed to target oily, blemish-prone skin and I do feel like it helps, it leaves my skin less shiny and greasy and helps maintain good, spot-free skin, although hormonal breakout still power through, but I haven’t found anything that can stop them completely, just help minimise. After washing my face I spray this on, with my eyes closed, leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes, and then pat off any excess with a cotton pad. It has been a constant repurchase for me since early 2015, the only issue I have with this product is that as you get to the bottom of the can the spray is no longer a mist but sporadic droplets. Whilst mildly irritating, I do still get full use out of the product.

As for my moisturiser, I have been using the same one for a few years now, it works brilliantly for my skin and I have no current intention for changing it.  I use Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich, which retails for around £13. Despite not suffering from very dry skin I prefer the rich formula over the light one that they also offer, you can also purchase it with SPF if you are using it as your morning moisturiser. I apply this onto my face and upper neck, it dries quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. It is good, soothing and moisturising – everything I require from my moisturiser at this age.

During winter when my skin is drier and patchy, once a week in place of the moisturiser, I will use Avene’s Masque Hydrant Soothing Moisture Mask. Applying a thicker coat I will leave it to soak in for 10-15 minutes before wiping away the excess with a cotton pad, or rubbing in what little is left. Whilst this does leave a shine it is only because it is a thicker, more concentrated formula, but by morning my skin looks and feels much better making makeup easier to apply.




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