My Bath Routine

My Bath Routine

This blog post comes to you curtsey of a random question I found myself having whilst I was in the bath the other evening.

Why does soap seem to lather better on well exfoliated skin?

And when I couldn’t find an answer for that on Google, I referred back to the original Google; my Mum. Her theory was that it lathers better after exfoliating because the soap isn’t having to work as hard at removing the built up dirt on your skin. Which also happens to be what a chemist on Reddit stated, regarding shampoo lather, that I found later:

Q. ”Why does shampoo lather less in dirty hair than clean hair?”

A. ”I’m an R&D chemist in the Personal Care Area, I make ingredients for shampoo. The short answer is that the dirt and oils from your hair compete for the surfactants making them less available to form a lather, which is small bubbles.”


So there you go 🙂 and now for the post, My Bath (having to resist the urge to put bath-time every time I re-read this) Routine.

  • I’d like to find a better way of saying this, but basically – if I can be bothered, I dry brush before my bath, and yes I’m aware of all the benefits; exfoliates, tightens skin, reduces appearance of cellulite, helps with muscle tone, promotes better circulation etc. but sometimes I’m just downright lazy.
  • In the bath I add the very expensive and luxurious ‘Wilkos bath crème’, which I pay a shocking 60p for! But it creates good bubbles, doesn’t have an offensive smell and has never irritated my skin.
  • I also pour in ‘Westlab’s Epsom Salt’, the reviving one, which helps to relax your muscles.
  • I soak and read for awhile (sometimes much longer than ‘awhile’).
  • Next I use some kind of exfoliating mitt, I’ve gone through different types looking for the best, and I think I’ve finally found it. As I find that no body exfoliator or scrub ever feels to do the job properly I find myself looking for harsher ways to buff away the dead skin, which I’m sure might be bad, but I think I just require a rougher exfoliant than the average person. Which happens to be this rather daunting looking ‘Botanics Sisal Body Mitt’, but it worked brilliantly, I didn’t find it painful in the slightest, it was actually a nice sensation once it is softened (only minutely) by the warm water. And my skin has been left feeling very smooth and clean. I exfoliate before shaving as I get a closer and longer lasting shave (as any built up dirty and skin has been removed).
  • I shave with ‘Venus Swirl Razor’ which works well enough, I find it doesn’t cause me to come away with snagged skin (say around my ankles) that I only realise about when there is blood on my bed (annoying), as often as other razors.


  • I either use Redkin or LOréal shampoo and conditioner, concentrating the shampoo at the roots, and the bottom of my head line, pushing upwards to help add volume. Whatever conditioner I use I always leave it in for a couple of minutes, before running a comb through it (I know ideally it should be a wide tooth comb but just an average comb works best for me) and then rinsing it all out. I find it best to alternate between a couple different shampoo and conditioners as, like with anything, your body begins to get used to things, so I get the best result by switching back and forth.
  • After putting my hair up in a towel I finally wash my body, I do this last as when rinsing off the shampoo and conditioner it runs over your body, so I feel cleanest washing last, I have also found that I am less likely to have any body breakouts when I do this.
  • After drying myself the first thing I do is moisturise, sometimes my whole body, but otherwise just my décolletage. I also switch between a few different moisturisers depending on my mood. I do this almost straight away as moisturiser works better when used on slightly damp skin whilst the pore are still open.
  • Finally to finish off I applying my deodorant, which is ‘Mitchum’s shower fresh’. I then sit with my arms slightly akimbo until it dries (zzz). Mitchum is a great deodorant, as someone who can sweat a considerable amount it keeps any smell at bay.

That is my bath routine, if anyone is interested in how I style my hair I’d be happy to do a post on that.


  1. Rebecca Flynn
    June 21, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    definately interested in hair care routine!
    Gorgeous photos! I must invest in a skin brush!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • June 21, 2017 / 10:32 pm

      Thank you 🙂 There are less abrasive ones as well for more sensitive skin 🙂

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