Review: L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks

Review: L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks


Each mask has a good consistency, making the application easy. None of them have an offensive smell, but nor would I say they smell especially good. All can be used up to 2-3 times a week, either alone of using together on different areas of your face, for example, glow – cheek/cheek bones, purity – t-zone, detox – chin/jaw line, or placing them where you find they leave the best results.

Glow Mask – L’Oréal’s suggestion: Best for Dull Skin.

The texture of the glow mask is gritty due to the exfoliating beads, which help remove dead skin cells, aiding the ‘glow’ that the mask promises to give. When removing the mask I’d advise gently massaging it off to get the most out of the beads, also to avoid being too abrasive and ending up with sore skin. The Red Algae that is in the mask is suppose to have brightening properties, but whether it comes from the Algae, the exfoliating beads, or a combination of the two,my skin does look brighter after use – nothing astounding – just an overall brighter, clearer complexion, that is also smooth to the touch. However, it is possible that with continued use the ‘glow’ would become more obvious, as they do suggest using 2-3 times a week.

This is probably my favourite out of the three as I enjoy the feeling of actively removing the build-up of dead skin cells and excess subem.

Purity Mask – Best for Oily Skin.

This mask has a slight cooling and stinging sensation when on the skin, this is probably due to the Eucalyptus extract that is one of this masks main ingredients. I don’t care much for the feeling of this mask as it can become quite tight, I find myself wanting to remove it before the allotted time is up/before it has dried. It does leave my skin feeling matte, but a bit on the dry side; this would be ideal for days when your skin is especially oily and clogged up, or to apply atop of breakouts to help dry them out quicker. Whilst this isn’t my favourite I will still use it, just with some strategic placing, and as with any of these masks I always apply a good moisturiser afterwards, so come morning my skin feels supple, plus the added benefits from the mask.

Detox Mask – Best for Normal Skin.

The detox mask is suppose to draw out impurities to clarify the skin, and I can confirm that after using it my skin did appear clearer and have a better, fresher texture. My skin is left feeling softer and breathable. I also found that any present breakouts I had seemed easier to squeeze (sorry if that’s too much information) and whilst I’m aware they say not to mess with your breakouts – I don’t have that kind of self control.

Overall, all three masks have their own pluses and minuses (mostly that, if I did not apply a moisturiser afterwards, my skin would be dry in appearance the next day). At the price of around £6 each they are a good mask to have around, and I think (having not fully used one of the up yet) you could get the 10 applications that L’Oréal say you will get per 50ml jar.


And another picture, because I couldn’t decide which one to use 🙂

Would you give any of these masks a try? 


  1. July 6, 2017 / 2:19 am

    I definitely need to find these in store and try them out! Thanks for the review!!

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