Beauty Rules I Break

Beauty Rules I Break

I am sure there are many beauty rules that I break without even being aware, but below are the ones I break frequently and without much guilt.


  • Heat protection: this is something I drop in and out of doing, but as I only apply heat to my hair around twice a week, I don’t feel too badly about this, plus my hairdressers always comments on how my hair is healthy considering the lack of heat protection, and the semi-regular hair dyeing. I only ever air-dry my hair, and then quickly straighten it to limit the frizz, occasionally I find myself using heating tools more frequently in which case I try to use TRESemme Heat Defence Spray.
  • Regular haircuts: I alternate between going every two months, to not going for four months plus, which I know is less than ideal.
  • Cleaning makeup brushes regularly: I used to be a lot worse with this, but I’m getting much better, I think its a combination of actually caring and liking the brushes I use (and therefore wanting them to be in their best condition) and finding that Johnson’s baby shampoo works like a charm. In-between deep cleanings I do use Elf’s daily brush cleaner.


  • Regularly throwing away make-up: Having a terrible memory is mostly to blame for this one; I find I have no recollection of how long I have had a product open for. Luckily I have a small collection of makeup, which means I’m more likely to use a product up before it hits its expiration date.
  • Never pop a pimple: I try to subscribe to that rule that messing with a pimple will only worsen it, but I don’t have the required will-power not to scrub, pick or squeeze a spot, blackhead or pimple when I see one, however I have enough systems in place that either prevent them occurring in the first place, or encourage the healing process after I’ve attacked my face (because the scrubbing, picking and squeezing never ends well).


  • Not to tweeze above your eyebrows: Having a regular appointment with my HD brow girl, I don’t have to take tweezers to my face as often, but there are, on occasions, times when I will still tweeze my own brows, and dye them with Eylure pro-brow dye kit, and whilst the majority of the clean-up work is below the brow, there are still some stray hairs, growing outside the natural definition of my brow, that stand out above.
  • Never use soap and water on your face: The argument is that bars of soap will dry out your skin, as they have a higher level of pH to hold the soap together, but there are many an evening when having to do the whole face cleaning rigmarole seems too much, but not washing my face at all doesn’t sit well with me, so I’ll reach for the bar of soap and warm water. I have never found my skin drier upon doing this, maybe if you do this every evening your skin is more likely to dry out, but my occasional use has never left me disappointed, and it gets me to bed quicker, win win.

What beauty rules do you break?


  1. July 9, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    This is so relatable, especially anything and everything to do with haircair. I’m awful at trying to keep on top of it!

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