Brands I Want More of: First Aid Beauty

Brands I Want More of: First Aid Beauty

This post is going to be the first installment in a series I am starting to do about brands that I want to try more of, because what I have tried, I’ve loved. I will do a review of what I use and would be very appreciative if in the comments you could leave any suggestions for what else I should try from the brand mentioned. Hope you all like the idea of this series 🙂

First Aid Beauty


Facial Radiance Polish                                                              Cost – 100ml | £16 – FeelUnique

What First Aid Beauty says: ‘Uses natural exfoliants, including shea nut shell powder and willow bark extract, to gently buff and polish the skin for a smoother, brighter, more even finish. This polish gently exfoliates, purifies and cleanses the skin, leaving it clear, soft and renewed.’ 

The benefits:

  • Exfoliates – through the use of natural exfoliants, all the gross stuff you would want removed is gently buffed away. The beads, which I believe are the willow bark extract, work brilliantly at exfoliating well, without being aggressive and leaving your face sensitive.
  • Brightens – fresh new skin is revealed through exfoliating, which gives the appearance of brighter skin, and the Shea Nut Shell Powder is supposed to brighten your complexion.
  • Purifies – removing any dead skin, dirt and oils leaves the skin clear, soft and renewed in touch and appearance.



Skin RescueDeep Cleanser                                                 Cost – 134g | £14.40 – FeelUnique

What First Aid Beauty says: ‘Removes excess oils, unclogs pores and purifies the skin with a powerful combination of Red Clay, Rosemary Leaf Oil and botanical antioxidants.’

The benefits:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the skin – The Red Clay works by absorbing impurities, detoxifying and purifying the skin.
  • Unclogs and minimises pores – The Rosemary Leaf Oil, which is a powerful astringent, unclogs pores and tones the skin.

I reach for these product when I feel the need for a deep clean. The cleansers helps control any outbreaks I have, and greatly reduces the amount of sebum produced. I always feel very fresh and unclogged after using this cleanser.

I use these products together as I love the results I get, I first use the polish to buffs away dead skin, dirt and the grim that you can feel settled into your pores and then follow up with the cleanser which leaves my face feeling and looking noticeably cleaner. Using the two together makes perfect sense to me, after all the skincare bigwigs are always saying that you should exfoliate and cleanse to get a deep clean, I find that I get the best results exfoliating first and then cleansing, although according to some corners of the internet it’s suggested that you do it the other way round – just do whatever you find works best for you.

What other products are worth trying from First Aid Beauty? 


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