Bedroom Tour

Bedroom Tour

I bought all my bedroom furniture back in 2012, when I moved into my sisters bedroom after she moved in with her partner – traitor 😉 – (before this I was quite happily living in a very small, single, box room that fit my bed, some drawers, a bedside drawer, bookcase, and then about 5 by 2ft of floor space).

So it’s fair to say I have outgrown what was my style and taste, but exchanging all my stark white furniture for lush darker oak wood isn’t reasonable right now. If money wasn’t a limitation, I would completely overall my entire room, adding more wood tones, greenery and greys, allowing for cushions and accessories to be interchangeable, as I have no doubt, that there will be future occasions where I feel my bedroom has become stagnant again.

All my accessories/ornaments within my room are of varying importance to me, it is just unfortunate that what will one day be spread out across an entire household, has to be crammed into my bedroom.


How would you change your bedroom if money didn’t have to be the main consideration?

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Bedside drawers:

Bookcase (large):

Bookcase (small):

Wall clock:

Storage baskets:

Bedside Lamps:


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