Brands I Want More of: Lush

Brands I Want More of: Lush

This post is going to be the second installment (you can see the first one here) of a series I started to do about brands that I want to try more of, because what I have tried, I’ve loved. I will do a review of what I use and would be very appreciative if in the comments you could leave any suggestions for what else I should try from the brand mentioned. Hope you all like the idea of this series 🙂


Coalface – Facial Soap                                                                                         Cost – 120g | £7.74

What Lush says: ‘Sandalwood oil gives this soap a distinctive earthy fragrance. Charcoal is known for its absorbency, while liquorice root softens the skin and rosewood oil has antiseptic properties. It’s gentle enough for your face, but you can use it all over your body.’


Coal-based skincare became very popular a handful of years ago, and it is still going strong. Whilst Charcoal might sound like a peculiar ingredient, it is plentiful in its benefits:

  • Absorbent – the charcoal grabs onto toxins on the skin; built up dirt and oil that get trapped in your pores.
  • Cleansing & Detoxifying – when the charcoal is removed it takes the oil, dirt and dead skin with it.
  • Pores appear smaller – because dirt and oil’s are what block up our pores, and give them their unsightly appearance, the regular use of charcoal allows for your pores to appear smaller thanks to the removal of that build-up.
  • Prevention of further breakouts – with the regular cleansing of the pores (and slight exfoliation) acne can be prevented.

As for this specific charcoal product, it also has the added benefits from the ingredients Rosewood and Sandalwood which are soothing, antibacterial and help diminish scars or marks left by a spot.

I love this little thing, although I often forget about it because I have to store it in a travel soap dish in my bathroom cupboard, and my eyes often just glaze right past it, on the plus side it lasts forever, although even if you were using it everyday I feel it would take you a long time to whittle it down. Since buying this they have changed the appearance of it, but as far as I can tell it’s otherwise the same.


Hopefully in the picture you can see that there is grains that come away with the foam in your palms, which work brilliantly to exfoliate away dirt and oil. The end result leaves me with cleansed, mattified, better looking and feeling skin.

What other products are worth trying from Lush? 


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