Review: Elegant Touch

Review: Elegant Touch

So, the other day I was watching a certain Youtuber’s video (Zoella) and she was waving and flapping her hands about and I couldn’t stop staring at her nails, thankfully (or not, depending on whether I consider what money I then spent) she informed the viewers that they were Elegant Touch nails. I went straight over to Feelunique and upon finding out that there was a sale on, I went a bit mad, which could have ended very badly had I not actually liked the nails when they arrived.



However, I did. And I now also understand the urge to wave, flap and point all the time, because it is so satisfying to do whilst having beautiful, long nails. Also, I have become quite ‘tap happy’, by which I mean, if I start to drum/tap my nails upon a surface I find it very difficult to stop, in the same way that when I have to pierce holes in a microwavable meal I get majorly carried away because the noise is so satisfying.. Who else suffers from this?


  • Gently push back cuticles.
  • Select correct sizes and lay them out for ease.
  • OPTIONAL: Apply base coat to protect nails from glue.
  • Apply even layer of glue.
  • Place nail up to but not touching cuticle and apply nail at 45 degree angle.
  • Press down for 4 seconds until bonded.
  • Clean up any glue that has gotten onto your cuticle or skin.

It is very simple, just be careful with the glue as it can get messy very quickly if you apply far too much, and you’ll end up with your fingers sticking together, and unlike when you were a child using white PVA glue to comically stick your hands together this will actually hurt a bit.



For the first 24 hours or so I really didn’t like the length of the nails, and if I had had any confidence in my ability to file them down without completely ruining them, I would have done. However, I quickly got used to them and actually revelled in the length (see above about pointing and incessant hand gestures). And whilst I really love them, and they leave me feeling chic and glam there are a many basic things that become difficult to do, and in turn make you very un-chic and un-glamorous:

  • Going to the toilet – it’s just difficult to ensure proper ‘wipage’ whilst wearing these things.
  • Getting dressed – pulling up tighter fitting jeans becomes near impossible, you may have to ask for assistance.
  • Inserting or removing contact lenses – this actually becomes quite dangerous.
  • Having a period and requiring the use of tampons. Enough said.
  • Picking your nose – don’t judge me – we all do it.
  • Inter-dental cleaning – flossing is reasonably easy but using actual inter-dental sticks is beyond me right now, which as a dental nurse, I am finding very distressing.
  • Opening any kind of can/tin. Or packet for that matter.
  • Cleaning sleep out of your eyes (or my dogs eyes) – again, dangerous! Be careful.
  • Texting – I imagine with time I would get used to this but as of now it is difficult and infuriating, I’ve been choosing to call people more simply because the thought of having to text gets me agitated 😛

Obviously I am teasing a bit because none of these things are actually detrimental to my life, and with continued and regular use I would get used to them.


In the course of 9 days (which is how long they lasted me, they could have possibly gone longer had I been more consciously careful with them), 3 nails fell off, none of which were the same; the first one I lost half an hour after applying so I simply hadn’t used enough glue, so that one doesn’t count. The second one I lost trying to pull up said tight jeans and the third attempting (and failing) to open a tin of tomatoes. I filed down the excess glue and put them back on without further issue. They lasted a night out as well, which I think is impressive. On the last couple of days I wore them they were beginning to fall off left, right and center, and it didn’t seem worth the effort or time to keep reapplying them, despite still having glue left over, if I had wanted to.

All in all I really enjoyed wearing these, and as a nail novice, i.e. I cannot apply nail polish without making a right old mess, these are a great alternative. I wouldn’t wear them all the time for the same reason I wouldn’t wear anything on my nails all the time, I like them to breathe, recover and look/feel healthy. But I am definitely looking forward to applying the next set. I also believe that the shorter versions would last longer as they are less likely to catch on anything and knock off.

I feel naked and lame without them now 😉

Have you tried any products from Elegant Touch? What has been your experience? Would you be willing to give these glue on nail a go?


  1. August 9, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    The tapping.. lol x

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