Dunelm Homeware Haul

Dunelm Homeware Haul

I have developed a habit of visiting Dunelm after going to a morning appointment in Bury. On the drive home I go right past it, and think, ‘I’ll just pop in’, 30-40 minutes later and with my purse feeling metaphorically lighter (ah bank cards, you’re so great but so dangerous, at least with physical cash you can see it diminishing) I came out. So here is a little haul of the things I picked up this time round.


The first things my eyes focused in on was these wire baskets, I have become quite obsessed with metal and wood, there is something very appealing about the combo. I am going to place these on top of my new makeup storage, just to store little bits and bobs. I really want to get a lidded container for my less regularly used makeup brushes, so I am not constantly having to wash them just to remove dust. I think I’ll go with something along the lines of a glass jar with a wooden lid, which will work nicely with these baskets. But for now this is what they look like in place.


Next I found this concrete base, hurricane lantern. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to place the remaining two cacti I have in them from my DIY terrarium post. The vase and base are not fixed, which is probably to make watering flowers easier as there is less weight. The base also has cushion pads so there is less chance of sliding or slipping if you were to knock into it or of it scratching your furniture. I really love the finished look, although I ran out of rocks to add as a top decorative layer, so I’ll be scavenging whilst out on walks with Oscar 🙂

And the last thing I found and didn’t have the willpower to leave the store without is this chevron throw. I love how this looks and yet it feels so much softener than throws of this style normally feel. I have been wanting to find a nice white/cream throw and the softness of this one sold me. It is however quite small, and whilst I love the knitted look I think it will snag quite easily, especially with a dog and his claws. So whilst I love it, I am not sure it is worth it’s £20 price tag. I think I might have a look around online and see if I can find something with similar style, but larger and less likely to snag.

I think the fact that I haven’t immediately returned home and put it to use, like I have with the other items bought, means I’m not 100% about it. I think I might have to return this 🙁

*whining internal voice* ”But it’s so pretty and soft…..!

What homeware stores can you not exit without making a purchase? To keep the throw or not to keep the throw? And do you have any suggestions for homeware stores I should check out?


I went back to Dunelm with the intent of returning the throw – that didn’t happen.

I did buy some glass jars to store my makeup brushes though, so all in all… I think I nailed the objective for that return trip.


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