Boots Haul

Boots Haul

I always want to start these haul posts off by giving a reason for the haul, I was going to start this one off by saying I have run out of my Soap & Glory hand cream and needed some more, and then got a bit carried away with everything else I saw online… But then it’s my money, so do I need to justify it – but even saying that I still managed to slyly sneak in above my reasoning for buying more šŸ˜‰

Into the haul šŸ™‚


I decided to buy some more of the Real Techniques brushes, I love everything I own off them already, and just wanted to round out my collection a bit more so I bought the Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush, Blush Brush and Eye Shade & Blend Brush Set, which came to a bit over Ā£40 altogether, which did hit me in the gut when I first realised this, but it does work out at around Ā£10 a brush, which is actually amazing for the quality of them. I just can’t say enough about RT, they are affordable and just downright amazing. It is very obvious that they are made by two brilliant makeup artists.


As you’ve read in my rationalising-justifying-defending explanation above, I needed more hand cream. I have been using Soap & Glory’s Hand Food for a couple of years now. I try to put it on every night and it is usually the last thing I do before trying to fall asleep. I like the smell, it’s consistency, and when regularly used I find it really helps keep my hands from drying out.

I have also been watching and reading a bit about their Ultimelt at the moment, and as I have never tried a hot cloth cleanser I thought their pricing and the reviews I’d heard about it would be a good starting point. Especially as I’ve seen people using it not only to remove their makeup, but also as a quick mask-type-treatment where they just let it sit for a couple of minutes. I thought that if it didn’t work brilliantly at removing my makeup I could still use it up as a quick mask instead.

As there was a 3 for 2 offer on at Boots for Soap & Glory products I picked up the Purifying De-Clog Mask, as I’ve never used a Soap & Glory mask before I actually thought this was going to be the standard single foil/plastic packaging but was pleasantly surprised to find them in two small pots, which I prefer. With an normal Montagne Jeunesse packaging, for instance, I never use all the product and end up decanting some for a second face mask. So S&G have done that step for me which is a plus.


Finally, I purchased a Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Shade Silky Beige, 005. This used to be my main, everyday powder, but since finding Tarte I happily let it fall by the wayside. However, I decided to pick it back up to have on the rare occasions I take makeup out and about with me, as I don’t want to risk losing my beloved Tarte and I wouldn’t be as upset if something happened to this Ā£3.99 product.

Do you feel the need to justify why you spent money on something you’ve bought? Does anyone use any of the above mentioned products?


  1. August 28, 2017 / 10:49 pm

    Everything looks really good, tempted me to go out and try everything šŸ˜Š love you photos by the way xx

    • August 28, 2017 / 11:19 pm

      I really love everything I got! And thank you!! xx

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