Primark Haul

Primark Haul

On Thursday evening last week, myself, my sister and her daughter (in her pj’s) went on an evening shopping trip to Primark in Manchester. I may have purchased some stuff… – does anyone go into Primark and come out without buying anything at all?


I’ll start with the clothes and then get into accessories and a random homeware item.


The first top I saw and zoomed in on is this black, floral patterned, lightly ‘ruffle-ruched’ top. The ‘elastic milkmaid gathering’ (sorry, I am clearly awful at describing clothes) section of the top stops at about your belly button, and then the top flares out ever so slightly at the base. However, because there is no change in pattern it’s not over the top. It just adds a nice, subtle texture difference. It cost £8.


Next is this slouchy, black and white stripped shirt, which I thought would look great with black leggings and a plain white or black top, with this worn unbuttoned. It would obviously look great with jeans too. This cost £7.


I feel like this looks like a housecoat…? You know in American comedies where the kids are always embarrassed and mortified when their Mum is out in public in their ‘housecoat’..? I showed it my sister and she said, ‘you’ll kind of look like a homeless person – but nice..’, which I took to mean, get it! So I did, in grey and a khaki. I have already worn this and I really like it, with jeans and a simple top I think it adds a nice maturity to your outfit, and considering I always feel like I look like a child, I like buying clothes that help me feel more like an adult. It also has a hood, whats not to love. It cost £18.


The last piece of clothing I got is this dressing gown. I wanted one that was a cotton waffle material as opposed to the fluffy fleece that I already have plenty of. This will be great in summer, but also post baths. I find that moisturising and then having to put on a fluffy dressing gown doesn’t feel nice, whereas I think the cotton material will stick less and keep me cooler. It cost £8.

Oh, I also got some basic, black tights, £3.


I bought two black, over the shoulder handbags and a small purse to fit in them. The bag on the left has one compartment, whilst the one on the right has two. They are mostly going to be used for nights out, dates etc.. where I am carrying less stuff than my day-to-day bag. They cost £7 and £5 respectively, whilst the purse cost £4.


The home decor item I got was this wire frame, battery operated, LED light. I have been seeing this style of light everywhere lately and I really love them, so for £5 I couldn’t pass up this cheap-but-adorable-knock-off. I like how you have the option to hang it if you wish, which I might do eventually, for now I’m happy to just have it sitting on one of my bookcases. The brightness is quite impressive as well for only 5 small lights.

How often do you find yourself in Primark? Have you been enjoying their homeware items? 


  1. September 30, 2017 / 5:33 pm

    lovely primark haul. i’ve also been to primark lately. please check out my post 🙂

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