Brands I Want More Of: Soap & Glory

Brands I Want More Of: Soap & Glory

 This post is going to be the fourth installment (you can see the first one here, second one here and third here) of a series I started to do about brands that I want to try more of, because what I have tried, I’ve loved. I will do a review of what I use and would be very appreciative if in the comments you could leave any suggestions for what else I should try from the brand mentioned. Hope you all like the idea of this series.


Soap & Glory

Hand Food, Hand Cream                                                        Cost – 250ml | £7+ – Boots

What Soap & Glory says: ”Packed with super-smoothing shea butter, macadamia oil and mallow extract formula to soften & rejuvenate hands.”

I started using this product when a fellow Dental Nurse let me try it after I exclaimed that she smelt really nice, and I have basically been buying it ever since. I think it is a really good, not too greasy, hand cream. I’ve personally never come across a completely non-greasy hand cream – but then maybe that’s my excessive usage. Being a Dental Nurse has the occupational hazard of constantly dry hands, wearing latex gloves all day and washing you hands all the time quickly dries them out, so I quickly fell in love with this cream when I realised it did actually help keep them in good condition. I try to use it every night, before falling asleep. If my hands are in especially bad condition I will slather loads on and then wear those moisture gloves over top and fall asleep – although by the time I wake up in the morning I have ripped them off at some point – even my sleeping self must get self conscious of looking like Michael Jackson in his gloves. I find it also works as a brilliant cuticle cream, I will spend extra time rubbing it into my cuticles when they are dry or I have been to a nail salon and they have cut them off – which I really don’t like anymore, they just grow back extra hard and dry.

The only complaint I have is regarding the packaging, especially the hand pump, which I prefer for constant and easy use, but not for the amount of product wastage. I now frequently cut open the tub when it is no longer coming out through the pump and get a shocking amount of product decanted from it – if you don’t do this and just throw it away once the pump is no longer supplying the cream then you are wasting a lot of product, and your own money. But this isn’t a major complaint as it is that case with a lot of companies and how they package their products to have more frequent repurchases.

Ultimelt                                                                                        Cost – 100ml | £10 – Boots

What Soap & Glory says: ”Who needs a facial when you can stay at home and enjoy The Ultimelt from Soap & Glory? It’s super-concentrated, smoothing, revitalising, and deep cleansing – like a detox spa for your skin.”


The benefits:

  • Super-concentrated cleansing, smoothing and revitalising.
  • Melts away make-up.
  • Re-balances and brightens.
  • For all skin types (except those sensitive to essential oils).

How to use:

  1. Massage a grape-sized splodge of The Ultimelt onto your face and neck for at least 2 minutes (rub stubborn clogged spots doubly), and then press off with a warm, wet washcloth.

I mentioned slightly in my Boots haul post that I have never before used a hot cloth cleanser, and because of the pricing of this one I decided to jump into the hot-cloth-cleanse-craze with this product. What I especially liked about this product is how I saw a lot of people not only using it to remove their makeup, but as a quick face mask, rubbing it in and the letting it sit and work it’s magic for a few minutes.

The first time I used it was to take a days worth of makeup off, and it did work very well, I’ll include pictures below. It left my skin feeling very soft and clean. The smell is very familiar to me but I just cannot place it, it’s not specifically offensive, reminding me of some kind of baby product..? Maybe slightly like Sudocrem? Although when I shoved both of the products under my Mum’s nose she didn’t agree, so who knows. [Edit: After using this more and more I have grown to not like the smell, it seems to really linger on my skin, but otherwise I do still really like the product].

The darkness under my eyes in the last photo is not makeup, it’s just tiredness.

Using it as a treatment/mask-type product instead is also very nice; rubbing the product in to give a nice deep cleanse and massage is not only how the product works best but it also help boost circulation and in turn promote collagen production. You can leave it from anywhere to 2 minutes (whilst massaging it in) to 15 minutes (whilst just letting it sit and work it’s magic). Just from my limited use so far I do enjoy the process and like the results I am left with. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised as well, unlike some masks where it feels like your skin has been stripped of all moisture.

What A Peeling, Purifying De-Clog Mask                           Cost – 2 x 7ml | £4 – Boots

What Soap & Glory says: ”Our peel off mask de-clogs pores and purifies the skin. Lift out gunk and remove that junk! A totally a-peeling mask that helps to remove dirt and impurities as you peel it off. It’s absolutely cram-jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients including beauty powerhouse Vitamin C plus a stack of oil-absorbing smoothers.”


The benefits:

  • Declogs pores.
  • Lifts away dirt and impurities.
  • Removes excess oil.
  • Purifies, smoothes and brightens.

How to use:

1. Apply a thin, even layer onto clean dry skin.
2. Smooth over skin and focus in on problem areas prone to open pores, especially around the T-Zone, nose and chin.
3. Leave on for 20-25 minutes until completely dry, so you can peel off in one sheet.
4. This mask is tough on skin baddies so expect it to pull a bit as you reveal fresh-looking skin! Gently peel it off upwards from the chin to forehead.
5.Rinse off any excess with warm water.


On opening it I was surprised to see it is a really bright coral or fluorescent pink colour (not sure which, I think I might actually be a bit colour blind) which, when the girly part of my brain saw it, it made an executive decision that the mask was amazing. It’s a wonder that more brands don’t make their mask adorable colours like this. It supplies you with a spatula to smooth the mask on, which I assumed was put in there with the same token as a eye shadow cushion brush in a shadow set – they pretty much know that the quality is rubbish and people aren’t likely to use it but they include it nonetheless. And whilst the spatula did make applying the mask a bit more difficult and time consuming (you would definitely get better and quicker at it though after a few uses) I think it is actually supplied as the mask is tackier than normal peel off masks and applying with your fingers it is not as easy to move and smooth over the face.

I applied a good amount to my T-Zone and some on my cheeks and still had leftover mask, so I sellotaped the pot lid back down and put away for another time. Four mask applications for the price of two 🙂 I left it for about 25 minutes and then peeled it off, it came away in one main piece, with just a few remnants left behind. It dried to a latex looking and feeling consistency which I think is why it pulls off in one piece without breaking; it just feels thicker and stronger. I was impressed with what it removed, there were multiple blackheads visible, which I was surprised by because it is a very gentle feeling mask. I believe my skin looked brighter too. The smell is pleasant as well, like Strawberry Hubba Bubba Bubblegum; just a lot less potent. Overall, I really like this mask, and not just for the colour 😉 it removed a fair amount of impurities and left my skin feeling smoother and looking cleaner. I am going to order some more so I have a couple in stock.

QUESTION: Regarding spots, pictures included (just in case you don’t want to see them).

I have these milk spots that I suffer from on my chin, I can squeeze them but they immediately refill. I can exfoliate them, but they are stubborn and refuse to leave me. Luckily you can only really see them when I tense my jaw (stretch my skin tight), but they really annoy me. Does anyone else suffer from these and know of anything I can do they get rid of them almost completely? Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated.


What other products are worth trying from Soap & Glory? Any makeup suggestions? I have never tried S&P’s beauty products and would love to check them out if any of you have favourites from them.


  1. September 6, 2017 / 4:45 am

    Your photo’s are beauty – very professional looking. I’ve not tried any of S&G skin products but I’ve recently started buying their cosmetics. I bought their mattifying face powder compact which comes with a mirror inside, which is great for touch ups out and about. I also bought one of their Motherpucker lipglosses in Spun Sugar (I think that’s what it’s called), their Glow All Out illuminating powder and their rosy blusher that has a multitude of shades in it and which supposedly gives a shimmery glowy application of colour. I haven’t had a chance to play with them as yet but I plan to later, if I have time.

    • September 6, 2017 / 5:19 pm

      Thank you! I’ve never used their makeup, to me they’ve always been more of a skincare brand, but people do rave about some of their makeup products, so I should check them out 😊 you’ll have to let me know if the ones you have are any good 😊

      • September 8, 2017 / 5:42 am

        I’m wearing the Soap And Glory blusher in my latest post. 😊

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