Bookcase Tour

Bookcase Tour

I love books; I can appreciate the advantage of having audio books or a kindle, but nothing can beat an actual book for me. Because of that, I have a rather crowded bookcase (and the space under my bed is pretty packed too). Today I thought I’d share a tour of my organised-yet-overflowing-bookcase, and point out the stuff I think is either worthy of mentioning, or requires explanation (I’m looking at you shame-inducing Twilight DVD’s and Fifty Shades Of Grey books).

Starting from the bottom up (as the bottom shelves hold things I don’t need to often reach for, as Oscar’s cage is usually sat in front of them). The bottom shelf holds the majority of the TV series that I’ve have been gifted over the years, I still enjoy them all but I very rarely watch actual DVD anymore.


I have some of my favourite Christmas films on this lower shelf too; The Grinch, Jack Frost, Four Christmases and Elf. In front I stack my growing collection of Disney films; I adored all of these as children and one day hope to have a large collection that my children can enjoy themselves – however, they are bloody expensive and basically never come down in price, so as of currently, my collection is relatively small. The money box is a present my Auntie gave me as a young child; I love it, on the back it says, “Place a penny in the slot, close your eyes & wish a lot. Soon the rainy day will go. It’s all because you wished it so!”, I keep it still purely as decoration.


The next shelf is also packed with DVD that I rarely reach for anymore; I keep them because I will watch them when I have a bigger telly, but at the moment my laptop screen isn’t much smaller than my TV screen, so I favour watching films on my laptop right now. There isn’t a order to the DVDs, there are a couple of horrors at the back, and then romance, comedies, thriller scattered around. The picture is from a stall in San Francisco when I was on my road trip across America and I really love it, if only for the reason it has those memories connected to it.



The 3rd shelf up holds a random selection of; a colour book, address book, jewellery holder, tea cup, book series, file folder for all my grown-up documents and admin, to first aid books, zombie survival manual (a jokey Christmas present) to my Dental Nursing textbook.


As for the Fifty Shades series, I can explain; kind of. The series blew up and was everywhere whilst I was on my above mentioned road trip, and I became curious, it sounded so outrageous. We were on the final leg of the trip and I had finished the five books I had been lugging with me since leaving my home back in England and needed something else to read for that final week or so – enter Fifty Shades. I have conflicting feelings on this book – because it’s not brilliant writing, it’s not a particularly riveting story, nor what the author conveys do I find shocking or scandalous, but I did still enjoy it. And unless a book is truly awful, I simply cannot throw away a book (even though I never actually throw them away, but donate). As for why I have all three you might ask, well I got two whilst in America then I had to finish the series when I got home. I actually liked the third book best I believe (from memory) when the story was based more around them being married, having children, and that guy coming after her for whatever reason.

I have fairy lights and some rather old decorative birds hung on my bookcase – along with a silver handbag which you’ll see later. The 4th shelf up holds books that I’ve read and enjoyed, but do not find myself reaching for every year, and books that I have yet to read, for instance, I still haven’t read The Maze Runner, or the Matched series. Some books on this shelf that I’d recommend are; Water For Elephants, any of the Karen Rose books if you enjoy crime/thriller/romance – I’d say they are pretty good starting point for dipping your toe into that genre. The Five People You Meet In Heaven, which I read within a few hours, it’s a short read but I really loved it. Philppa Gregory is a brilliant writer; if you love history but also want to get lost in a story she create a perfect mixture as all her stories are based on historical facts, but with her factious ideas of what else went on intertwined. Then some of the books that I was forced to read in High School/College but loved are; Wuthering Heights, The Handmaid’s Tale, A Streetcar Named Desire and Educating Rita.


The next shelf is usually my favourite in appearance. I have a book, which is a relatively enjoyable read, ‘Entwined’ – better suited to younger teenagers though – out as decoration as I think the cover is very magical and pretty. I also have two tiny tea cups that I bought in Roswell and adore; they are what started me on wanting to collect cups, although I haven’t given way to that fully yet as I just don’t have the space.


The top shelf holds one of my favourite book series, which is the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. There is a combination of reasons why I find this series so enjoyable but I think I’ll do an actual book review on them, so I won’t bore you twice.

I have some old book series that I read as an older child/young teenager, that I have read again as an adult – they are Diary Of A Crush, Full – Frontal Snogging, My — Diary by Liz Retting. Who else read these?

I also have a few of Jill Mansell’s books, she was my favourite author as a teenager, purely because I absolutely loved, and still do hold very dearly, her book, ‘The One You Really Want‘, it’s just an all round, feel good, love story – that’s also funny.


Atop the bookcase I have a decorative book-house-thing, not really sure what’s it’s name is – that my Sister bought me, to keep it dust free I placed a vase over it. I have another tea cup set that my Dad gave me and a candle snuffer, which was kind of a joke present as years ago I saw one, realised what they were for, and was amazed by the clever idea – my excuse is I’d never seen one before.

A closer look at some of the other ornaments I have include; a little pig that belonged to my Grandma, another tea cup set that my Mum bought me. Two handmade mini bikes that I also got from San Francisco and finally a disc that also belonged to my Grandma, and a lighter that my Dad bought whilst abroad (neither of us smoke – he just used to buy lighters home from every holiday).

If you want to see what the rest of my room looks like, you can see it in my bedroom tour post here.

What does your bookcase look like? Minimalistic perfection, organised clutter (like mine) or just a mess? 😉 Also what books have you read that are a part of my collection?



  1. November 7, 2017 / 10:47 pm

    Your book shelves are actual goals! xoxo

    • Sarah
      November 8, 2017 / 3:07 am

      Aw thank you 😊💜

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