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I asked in my stationery haul post, which you can see here, if anyone would be interested in seeing how I organise my blogging-stuff, enough people said yes that I felt happily encouraged to do it for you all, despite already planning it out in my head whether you said yes or no to wanting it… – so here it is, you’re very welcome 😉😜


The main planner I use is this daily planner. In the yearly plan section I have my colour coded key so I can flip back if I forget which colour is which categories, which happens about once a week – bad memory.  The next page I put to use by colouring the dated box, this gives me a really quick and easy way of seeing how many posts, in each category, I’ve posted so far in a month. I try and space out any blogger award, and publish an even(ish) amount of beauty vs lifestyle posts and then just mix in a few style, interior and book review posts when they come about naturally.

On the monthly planner page I write the title of any scheduled posts, and using the colour coded key shown earlier I use a sticker to keep it clear for me what posts I need to plan more of for the remaining month.


Some posts are a bit unclear, for instance I post blog awards under my ‘lifestyle’ category, but I colour code them as ‘blog award’ (hence the red and gold stickers). Then there is this post for instance, which I too will publish under lifestyle, even though in my head it isn’t as much as a lifestyle post as other blogs I might write, which is why I usually have more lifestyle posts in a month. I could solve this by creating more categories; blog awards, my thoughts, blogging advice etc. but for now I prefer to keep my categories relatively streamlined.


This planner also gives you a week by week view, which is great because once I have wrote and scheduled a post, it still may require some further tweaking; whether it’s proof-reading, adding in links to other posts that are not yet live, taking extra photos, or in the case of blogger awards, notifying any nominees. This means any post-specific tasks are all together and very easy for me to find and check off.

I’m also attempting to post on Instagram more (if you want to see my lame attempt at it, go here). I used to love it, but then they changed what posts you view on your feed and it annoys me now, anyways, I’ve downloaded an app called Hootsuite to help me organise post related Instagram photos, so I’ve started adding Instagram to the bottom to remind me that specific posts have a Instagram to publish later that day promoting it.

In my smaller Futile Attempt At Organising My Life notebook I have lists of blog post ideas, split into whatever catergories they would be published in, I also have any series I do listed down. If anyone wants me to write up different post about blog post ideas, let me know, although to be fair, quite a few of them are from my own Google searches on ‘blog post ideas’.


Further into the notebook I have a to do list of posts I want to write, these are usually based off specific things, such as recent purchases, or knowing I was going on holiday and wanted to finally do my morning and evening routine posts.


I have this extra list here as I know I will often forget that I could have written a post about something until after the opportunity is past. And whilst I have all the blog post ideas listed too, I don’t look through them very often. The extra list helps me keep track of what posts I need to start writing, or taking pictures for when otherwise there is nothing concrete to remind me that I thought about writing a post on magazine freebies, for instance.


Finally, I list any blogger award I am nominated for, and who nominated me so I can easily go back and find the post when it comes to writing up my own answer post. As you can see, I also have mini to do lists for these posts, and note the scheduled date of when the post will be published and I need to notify any nominees – basically I like having to do lists.

I hope this is reasonably clear, I understand what I mean but that’s because it’s my method, but I’m not sure whether to someone else it’ll just look like a load of gobbledygook – hopefully not.

I’m not sure what else might be helpful, so if I have missed anything out that you specifically want to know please just ask. This method works best for me because 1. I love lists, 2. I love being organised and 3. I have a terrible memory, so without all this in place my blog would be a mess of half written posts, missing links and general disarray.

How do you organise all your blog related stuff?

(there has to be a proper term or word that I just cannot think of because blog-related-stuff just doesn’t sound that great).


  1. November 11, 2017 / 9:43 pm

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! Found this accidentally, but leaving with some ideas!

    • Sarah
      November 12, 2017 / 2:28 am

      Aw, thank you 😊 glad it was of some use, I was worried I just rambled on 😉 how did you find me, if you don’t mind me asking? 🤔😊

      • November 12, 2017 / 8:20 am

        I was looking for some articles on planning and planners 😊

        • Sarah
          November 12, 2017 / 8:00 pm

          Well I’m very glad you found my blog 😊😊

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