Monthly Memories – October

At the very end of September it was my Mum’s birthday, the day that last months memories was published to be exact, so this photo is from that.


October has been a relatively quiet month, minus a few very exciting development which you’ll have to continue reading if you’re at all intrigued.

I tried my hand at a makeup look, as you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram, if anyone is interested I can list everything that was used and walk you through it (cos I’m an expert obvs) in a makeup tutorial post.

On the 6th, my two Sister and myself went for an Autumnal walk and conker picking adventure.20171007_01180720171007_01174320171007_011726PhotoGrid_150733353711020171006_141044-0120171006_142130-0120171006_142227-01

Oscar and myself posing in our Autumn outfits, he was defiantly doing it much more begrudgingly.


Later that afternoon I went to a Home Bargains, and ‘stumbled’ upon this devils Halloween costume, luckily (for him) it doesn’t fit, but I think it’s hilarious… Oscar not so much.


For the most exciting development of the month I’ll build the suspense by starting from the beginning. On the 30th my Sister sent me this picture, asking me what type of dog this was, I replied ‘a cute one’ and said it looked like a Chihuahua. Nothing else came from the conversation and I thought nothing of it as Becky does semi frequently send me pictures of random dogs asking me what they are, usually because her Husband has found said picture and asked Becky – so she turns to me.


Anyways, into the second week of October I found out that this little girl was up for adoption, and the reason Becky had asked about her breed was because her Husband had come home saying that they were having her – Becky is very hard working Mum of two, who basically does everything herself and is a superwoman – she’s also smart enough to know that she couldn’t take on a dog. Knowing that this girl was up for adoption I started inquiring more about her, getting the contact details and seeing about arranging a meeting between her and Oscar – fast forward some (and if you’re following me on Instagram you’ve already seen this adorable picture) we brought her home for a trial period.


At the time that this post goes live we’ll have had her for two weeks and it hasn’t gone as smooth sailing as we would have hoped. Firstly, she has never been walked on lead, between her previous owners living in a secluded area and simply just not exercising her, she was at a loss for walking on a lead. So much so that they didn’t even own a lead for her, or a collar – or a dog tag. Secondly, she is pretty skittish, which is common with Chihuahuas (I mean, look at their size – it must be terrifying down there) so any sudden noises or noises she has clearly not heard before, (for instance; cars up-close or motorbikes) send her into instant shivers and heart palpitations. And the final, most noteworthy and worrying issue is that she snaps at Oscar. Oscar, bless him, has been an angel, he is clearly afraid of her and for the first day or two just actively avoided her, choosing to be in any room other than the one she was in. Anytime he did come to see me and tried to jump up next to me she would snap at him and he would just bolt away looking so sad and confused it broke my heart. This has been slowly improving. They will now lie and sleep near each other, she is only occasionally still snapping at him (never making contact I should probably add) and they did even have a very short play with each other the other day (I’m talking seconds before they both freaked each other out and parted). I am hopeful though that progress will continue to be made.

Oh, she’s called Mia by the way, like Mamma Mia – however, everyone in my family, including myself, are having a really hard time calling her Mia, as in Mamma Mia, and not Mia like Maya Rudolph (only person I could think of). Emily is just calling her Myra, which to be honest is slowly spreading to the rest of us, whilst Max is calling her Cyrus (not even sure where a 3 year old would have heard that name before) – that ones not catching as much. I don’t know why we are all struggling so much, there is clearly this mental block there and whenever someone says her name they either say it wrong or you can see them saying ‘Mamma’ beforehand to make sure they are saying the correct version. She is 4 – 6 years old (they are not sure as they rescued her years ago from somewhere in Blackpool) and is an American Blue Merle Chihuahua.

(Her ears are always vertical, even when sleeping).

We took her to the vets for a general check up and found out that she wasn’t even micro-chipped (despite them telling us she was), her teeth are covered in plaque and unfortunately she suffers from a heart murmur (on the plus side the vet said it wasn’t on a level that meant we needed to be worried about it). We had been told that she’d previously had one litter of pups and has since been neutered, but after the visit to the vets, who did confirm she had a scar but that could be from a cesarean delivery which is very common with such small dogs, I was less inclined to believe anything the owners said about her and I’ve set out to confirm everything.

I know reading this it might seem like I am not taken with her, I am. I have just been trying to somewhat hold back on my emotions because I didn’t want to fall for her and not have her and Oscar get along and be unable to keep her. She is incredibly sweet, she loves nothing more than cuddling, she sleeps curled up at my side all night and just wants affection. Which, as Oscar is more of an independent dog who comes and goes for affection when it suits him, I have been enjoying my little cuddle buddy.

I think that’s everything as of now, we are going to keep trying and I think if we don’t keep her (which to be honest, I think we’ve pretty much decided we are) we want to re-home her ourselves. If we can’t get her and Oscar to be comfortable around each other I’d say she’d be a perfect dog for someone of retirement age, with no other pets and lots and time and love to give. We’ll see – fingers crossed that it works out with us – because she’s definitely been worming her way into my heart – the little fool.

(And here’s a picture of Oscar, attempting to fit into what used to be his bed around 5 years ago.)

This month has also been very exciting on the blogging front. I’ve received collabration opportunities from some companies which is so exciting and flattering. I reach 300 followers(!) – Thank you by the way! It means the world to me. And finally, I was notified on Instagram that Sleek’s official Instagram page in Russia used one of my photos, which blew my mind… still is blowing my mind. And then my Sister messaged me saying she’d seen in on another Instagram page.


And finally, to end the month with some cute Halloween photos.


How was your September? What has been your favourite memory looking back on the month? And what are you looking forward to in October?


  1. November 3, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    Congratulations on the Instagram re-post, that’s great! I can see why though, you’re pictures are always great 😍 you should start charging for them lol xx

    • November 3, 2017 / 9:44 pm

      Thank you, I was so excited when I got the notification! Lol, doubtful but thanks very much for the vote of confidence 😉 xx

  2. October 30, 2017 / 10:59 pm

    Aww Mia. It sounds like there’s a little progress between her and Oscar. Hopefully it continues and they become less freaked out of each other 🙂

    • October 31, 2017 / 12:56 am

      I think it looks promising 😊💜

  3. October 30, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    All your pictures are super cute! I am looking forwaed to blog more and regular in october🙂 Followed you on Insta!💕💕

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