Collective Clothing Haul

Collective Clothing Haul

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of clothes shopping (I’m using the term “lately” loosely as the amount of shopping I’ve been doing isn’t very different from every other month – I’ve just actually found and kept the items this time rather than returning them after having them lying around my bedroom for a couple of weeks).


H&M has been, and I imagine will be, one of my main go to shops; I buy so often online that they sent me out a ‘valued customer discount’, which my Mum wrote on “Even though you return most of what you order, we still love you!!”, and I’ll admit that for a few seconds I thought I was getting a telling off off H&M (I do buy and try and then return a lot – mainly because I buy multiple sizes and colours, so some of it has to go back). Anyways, I love H&M, I love their website (although they have slightly changed it recently), I love their prices, I love their sales and offers and I LOVE their free return via post policy… – oh, and I obviously love their clothes, just realised I didn’t list the most important fact.


No longer available.


Find here.
Find here.

I’ve already worn these items many times over, if you are eagle eyed and have a brilliant memory you’ll recall a post in which I was wearing them, if not, and you are as unobservant and poorly equipped in the memory department as me – here it is again.


New Look

I occasionally shop online at New Look but never seem to find anything I like, but if I go into the store you can pretty much guarantee I’ll walk out with something; not sure if that’s a bad reflection on New Looks site as that’s not the way for me with other shops.

These two slogan jumpers were on sale, so they are no longer online but if you are really interested I’d pop in store and have a look at their sale section. I had to get a size 12 but I’m hoping I can shrink them a bit in the wash, otherwise they’re thin enough that over-sized will work. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a slogan piece of clothing, although being a kid of the 90’s I quite possibly did. But I love these, mostly because of the colour.


No longer available online.


No longer available online.


Find here.

These PJ bottoms are so soft! So soft. They actually make me almost wish for really cold evenings so I can put them to proper good use.




Where else to go when you need some new hats — Primark. My Mum says the one in the middle reminds her of the clown from ‘It’, having not watched it, I don’t see it. I do think it’d look better without the yellow though.


Available in store.

I got these PJ’s purely for the bottoms, I’m not that into designs like this on my clothes; don’t get me wrong, I love Disney, just not on my clothes. But the bottoms are lovely.

Home Bargains


Available in store.

I’ve been surprisingly impressed by Home Bargains recently, I bought some Halloween false nails for 89p which are lasting really well, I’ve been buying coats and harnesses for Mia (who apparently is a difficult shape to fit for, having been let down by Pets At Home, The Range and Wilkos) and then I came across this PJ set, which have washed up really well are soft and really good quality for the cost. Plus they’re cute.

Where are some of your go-to-almost-always-find-something-good-to-buy-stores? And any places that you’ve have had surprisingly good find from that you wouldn’t have expected?


    • November 12, 2017 / 9:53 pm

      Me too šŸ˜Š although with all those rips I get a bit cold wearing them now, might have to put them aside until slightly warmer weather šŸ˜‰

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