What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday

What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday

As always, I was treated to many lovely presents for Christmas and then my Birthday on the 6th of January. I think these posts are useful for those who never know what to ask for (me) and for people looking for ideas to gift others.

What I Got For Christmas

Stag Cushion | Zoella Bits & Bobs Tin

Named Candle Holder | Calladine Candles

My Mum bought me this precious tea light holder with my name and I’m assuming qualities that define all Sarah’s; Thoughtful, caring and fair (I’ll take them 😉), and it’s orange tinted = love.

Both of my Sisters love candles, I can take them or leave them as I have a very strong sense of smell and they very quickly give me nose pain and headaches. But, my eldest Sister recently began her own candle business, Calladine Candles, and I am very proud, she mixes everything herself and does it all from start to finish.

2018 Calendar

This is one of the few items I specifically asked for, the pictures on this calendar are so beautiful in my opinion. I love a fresh calendar and I can’t wait to use this one.

Hair Brush | Cosmetic Bags | Manicure Set | Real Techniques Prep & Prime Set | Laura Ashley Bath Crystals | Sanctuary Moisturiser

My other Sister, Rebecca bought me some adorable cosmetic bags and the Real Techniques prep & prime set (along other stuff below) I’m excited to try the Under Eye Reviver specifically and I can always do with more of their makeup sponges.

Umbrella | Family Charades | Pet Selfies

When I opened the pet selfies present I laughed to myself for quite sometime, mostly because I could already envision how unimpressed the dogs would be with it, but how much fun I was going to have with it. I quickly took some photos of Oscar with the lips and they are more brilliant than I could have imagined.

Beginners Guide To Drawing

Who doesn’t wish they could draw or play an instrument? Something creative like that. I have been drawing (I’m using the word drawing pretty loosely here) a tiny bit more, mostly because the kids in my family have taken to asking me to draw them animals whilst they watch mesmerized. I’d like to improve so I’m looking forward to flipping through this present from my Mum. I’m going to show a picture I did with my Niece and Nephew, because they were amazed, and as I said, mesmerized watching me draw them. Which is laughable when you see them – baby innocence does wonders for my ego 😉.

I mean c’mon –  these animal drawings are something else…

S***t – that’s what the something else is in case you didn’t realise.

The Happiness Project, 5 Year Record, Gretchen Rubin

Rebecca got me this 5 year happiness diary. I like that each day has inspiring quotes. I am going to start this on the 1st of January (which I realise is in the past when you read this but it’s the future when I’m writing this).

Otherworld Chills, Kelley Armstrong | A Modern Girls Guide To Etiquette, Sarah Ivens | Planner

If you read my Bitten book review then you know I love the series by Kelley Armstrong, over the years she has written novellas and online stories and been combining them into book form, this is the last official book (I believe). So, whilst I’m excited to read it, I’m sad to finish it.

I feel like I need to make it clear that someone didn’t buy this for me as a hint that I need to improve my manners and general etiquette.. I asked for it. I find books and articles like this very interesting. I love researching into Jane-Austen-era of manners and the do and don’ts of society and this book is a modern version of our societies code of conduct and the best way to present yourself in any and all situations.

I have been blogging for over 6 months now and I’m already excited about the prospect of my next 12 month diary. So whilst this might seem preemptive I asked for another Eeway diary in a different design. You can see more into how I use this diary and manage my blog (and where to buy the planner) in this post here.

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen, Modern Library

This is one of my most exciting presents, which came from my Mum. It is an old copy of all Jane Austen’s novels. I really want to find out when this was published as it doesn’t contain a date. I’ve looked online to try and find a general date of publication, and from what I can best find, it was published around 1933.

Microwavable Heat Pack

I believe it is fairly obvious that I am a crazy dog lady. So I feel safe in saying – without fear of surprise and judgement from you lot – that I buy my dogs Christmas presents. They received the obvious; dog treats and new toys but Mia also got this adorable microwaveable heat pack off my Mum. Being so small she does get cold very easily, and just in the short time she’s had this it is clear she loves it terribly.

What I Got For My Birthday

2018 Calendar

My Mum got me this 2018 calendar by Paper Ninja.

“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are stupid and make bad choices.”

Haynes Explains Pets Book

Haynes Explains have been producing books for years explaining cars and how to repair them. They have recently started producing comical books explaining the in’s and out’s of everything else. This is the Owners’ Workshop Manual on Pets.

Millie Mackintosh – Shape Up Brow Set

I’ve never used a powder for filling in my brows, so I am excited to try out this brow set by Millie Mackintosh. I wasn’t aware she had a makeup line now but it makes sense as she was a professional makeup artist, so I’m hopeful that these will be really good.

Millie Mackintosh – Beauty Icons Perfect Natural Eyes Set

Along with the brow set my Mum bought me this Natural Eye Set with 4 shadows and a black eyeliner pencil. I’ll do a makeup look with both of these sets soon and let you know what I think.

National Trust Membership

My Sister bought me a pretty impressive present this year. She got us both a membership to the National Trust, so we can start visiting places of historic interest or natural beauty together with her kids, and my kids (.. okay, my dogs).

That’s everything I got for Christmas and my Birthday. Now I have to find somewhere to put them all, which is sadly a first world problem for me. Everything has to have a place in my bedroom so getting new stuff causes me stress until I find them a home. If you’re sat shaking your head at me that’s fine, I’m shaking my head too. 😉


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  1. February 3, 2018 / 1:25 am

    I got that candle holder to my bff and to my sister Claire for Christmas too!! So pretty! Happy belated bday 💖💖

    • Sarah
      February 3, 2018 / 8:02 pm

      It really is 😊 and thank you! 💜

  2. January 16, 2018 / 1:00 am

    You got a great assortment of presents! 😊 Glad you’re happy with everything xx

    • Sarah
      January 16, 2018 / 1:16 am

      I really was 😊 xx

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