Outfit Of The Day #7

Styling A Embroidery Top

Today I am showing you a simple, everyday outfit that I’d wear if I wanted to be presentable but comfortable. Which in all fairness are all my outfits actually.

It features this adorable motif t-shirt from H&M, which despite loving the sweet little rose on the front, I hate the design on the back. Follow the link over to the their website if you want to see it. 

Cardigan: Primark   |    Jeans: H&M    |    T-shirt: H&M    |    Trainers: H&M (similar here)

This long-lined hooded cardigan is an old purchase from Primark (old when considering the turn around in Primark stock, but they are still listing it online if you are interested).

I love long cardigans, I feel they help age me, which might sound backwards but I often feel like I look like a child. I get mistaken for being in my late teens (which I won’t mind when I’m in my late 30s+). But when I look at actual girls in the late teens/early twenties I feel like they look so much more like grown women than I do. So, whether I’m fooling myself or not, I like long-lined cardigans as they age me. 

When I need to wear jeans for presentability (because, as much as I might like to deny it, leggings aren’t suitable everywhere) but still want to feel comfortable, I lean towards looser jeans. Typically the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ style. Having that added leg/thigh space can make all the difference sometimes. 

I really love this little rose. Having a tiny motif design on an otherwise boring white t-shirt can bring an outfit together. I just really wish I didn’t have the design on the back of the top. 

I never normally tuck my tops into my jeans, but (hopefully) some style is rubbing off on me from looking at the outfit posts you all upload. A partially tucked in top, whilst in the past would have been considered messy, it’s now stylish apparently. 

I do actually really like how it looks. I’m just already so old that my first thoughts regarding messily tucked in tops are sloppy teenagers trying to look cool in their school uniform. You remember the kind? Being rebellious whilst also hoping they won’t get told off by a teacher because technically half of their shirt is tucked in. So the rule isn’t completely broken, right?

Overall, I love this type of outfit. It’s simple but I still think I look decent enough to go out in public. One down side to long-lined cardigans though, and the only reason why I don’t wear this type of outfit more often, is that they are long. I know, that’s quite an eye-opening piece of information I just threw at you there.

What I mean is; I don’t own a coat as long or longer than the cardigan length. Which leaves me with the conundrum of going coat-less and cold, or looking a bit odd with a material tail hanging out from a shorter coat line. 

I have also, on numerous occasions, left part of the cardigan trapped outside my car door. I don’t know which is worse, being oblivious to it until the journey is over or having a helpful Samaritan point it out to you whilst waiting at traffic lights?

Oscar came to help me pose in the above picture. You’d think it’d be harder for him having four legs to arrange but nope. Four legs are easy to pose apparently. Yet standing like a normal person, with only two legs, is something that is beyond me.


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    • Sarah
      March 24, 2018 / 1:28 am

      Aw, thank you very much lovely 😊

  1. March 1, 2018 / 2:32 am

    I love this outfit, you look really cute! And sorry to disappoint but it doesnt age you haha you look very youthful, but in a good way 😉 xx

    • Sarah
      March 1, 2018 / 2:35 am

      … why are you so rude to me 😉 thanks xx

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