How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Today I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to Spring clean your bedroom.

I am one of those perverse people that actually enjoy cleaning. Sure, I’ll start to lose my mojo after an hour or so, but the satisfaction of a fully clean, organised room spurs me on. 

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

I periodically deep clean my room but as I can’t move everything out and into another room, which would be most ideal, I do it by attacking each wall of my room one at a time. For instance, when doing the wall that sits my drawers and large bookcase, I will move whatever needs moving onto my bed or the other corners of the room, once cleaned I’ll move everything back and go onto the next corner. Whilst it would be easier to take everything out and blitz an empty room I can’t facilitate that so taking it wall by wall is what works best. Plus, if you can’t do your whole room within a one day period you don’t have to worry about everything being out of place if you’re only doing a wall at a time. As well as breaking the cleaning into sections of my room, I mentally break it down further. For instance:

Wall One

Excuse the old photo of my room, if you saw my Bad Blogger, Happy Human post you know that my bedroom is undergoing a complete change at the minute. I currently have two sets of main drawers, two bookcases, four bedside tables and more filling up my room. In retrospect I probably should have sold my old furniture before buying the new.. – ah well.

I wrote this post a while back and took some pictures but meant to take more, now there isn’t really a room to take pictures of, just a storage facility.

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Remove everything off drawer surface


Wash down drawer surface

Empty drawers

Sort through clothes; keep, charity, throw away

Refold and replace

Take everything off bookcase


Wash bookcase surfaces

Pull out drawers & bookcase

Dust; skirting board, ceiling corners, air-vent and clock


Put everything back.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whilst your checklist will vary some depending on your own room layout and the things you own, here’s an overall checklist you can work off when Spring cleaning. 

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom


[  ] Remove everything from surfaces

[  ] Remove everything from inside drawers

[  ] Sort through above; keep, charity, throw away

[  ] Pull out large furniture

[  ] Pull out under bed storage


[  ] Wash down all surfaces

[  ] Inside of drawers

[  ] Windowsill and windows

[  ] Mirrors

[  ] Lamp shades; ceiling and table

[  ] Fans/Dehumidifiers 

As someone who cannot sleep without the noise of a fan I know how important it is to dismantle and clean your fans regularly. They catch the dust and dead skin from around your room – and that is just gross. Dehumidifiers have a built in vent that you can simply remove and vacuum. Doing this also improves the longevity of the product.


Top Tip: Don’t use furniture polish to dust, nor a dry cloth. Always use a damp cloth as this collects the dust best rather than just scattering it into the air to settle again a couple of minutes later.

[  ] Ornaments

[  ] Skirting board

[  ] Ceiling corners

[  ] Air-vent

[  ] Blinds

[  ] Wall hangings

[  ] Behind radiator 

[  ] Skirting board

[  ] On top of wardrobe 

Top Tip: Don’t forget the tops of surfaces that you cannot see, like the top of your wardrobe or bookcase. A great way of making sure you don’t miss any surfaces or areas is to start from the top down, this is a tip my Grandma taught my Mum.


[  ] Empty drawers and wardrobe

[  ] Sort through clothes; Keep, charity, throw away

[  ] Organise into active seasons

Top Tip: This is something I started doing a few of years ago and I love it. Although British weather isn’t a hundred percent reliable you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be needing thick jumpers during Summer, nor Summer dresses in winter. Remember to keep out clothes that are suitable for all seasons, for instance a dress that works during the heat of Summer but can be layered with fleece tights in Winter.

[  ] Refold and replace


[  ] Flip mattress

[  ] Hang pillows and quilt covers outside

Top Tip: I love doing this. Hanging your bedding outside, allowing it fresh air and sun, is a brilliant way of re-fluffing them. The Sun works as a natural disinfectant, leaving the pillows and quilt clean and plumped up like new. One of the reasons pillows and quilts flatten over time is they absorb moisture, so by placing them in the sun on a bright day that moisture evaporates. 

[  ] Change bedding


[  ] Everywhere; behind large furniture, underneath you bed and inside any built-in cupboards


[  ] Sort through makeup

[  ] Sort through books; keep or charity

[  ] Pull down and wash curtains

How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

For those of you who are not a natural cleaner here are some ways of motivating you to start, and more importantly, finish cleaning your bedroom:

  • Playlist of high energy songs.
  • Watch a fun series you have seen many times before but still love. This way you won’t be distracted trying to keep up with whats going on but it you want a short respite you can drink a brew and watch a couple of minutes of the show.
  • Buy something new for you room. By the same token as buying a beautiful new dress in a size smaller than you currently are to motivate weight loss, buy a new piece of room decor or furniture with the intention of not using it until you have cleaned your room. Obviously don’t buy extra clutter to motivate a de-cluttering and cleaning session, but if you have been eyeing a new picture, or a new bedding set then treat yourself to it with the pledge that it will not be used until you can really appreciated it in a lovely, clean and organised room. Another money saving option would be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a new indoor plant, a lot cheaper but still a wonderful addition to your bedroom.


Tips & Tricks For How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom


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    Very helpful post! Still meaning to do my spring clean, this post will help get me underway x

    • Sarah
      May 16, 2018 / 11:00 pm

      😉 hopefully it will and I’m glad it was helpful 😊 x

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