The Strange Things I Google #2

The Strange Things I Google #2

Today’s post is ‘The Strange Things I Google #2’. I had a lot of fun writing this one and also learned a lot. I know it might not be the regular style of post you choose to read but I think you will enjoy it.. – I hope you will enjoy it. And hopefully learn something really interesting too.

If you haven’t seen my first post in this series check it out here.

The Strange Things I Google #2

You feel a sneeze building, and building.. – and building, but yet you can’t quite reach it. You call out in frustration to those around you and they say, “look at the light”, so you do and then you sneeze! Magic. 

Looking at a light when I’m struggling to sneeze really helps me and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to Google why this actually works.

Apparently the idea is that looking at a bright light will trigger a reflex within you to sneeze, although this doesn’t work all the time, or on everyone. This reflex, known as the Photic Sneeze Reflex or Autosomal Dominant Compulsive Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst .. – aka, ACHOO. – (I wouldn’t normally have included this excessive technical term, but the fact that it equates to achoo was just too good to ignore, I’m 99% this was done on purpose, although if it was a happy coincidence I’d love it more.) – Anyways, as far as I can tell the reason why this reflex occurs is still somewhat unknown. In the past the general view was that a bright light will make your eyes water and this moisture will leak into your nose and irritated it to the point of sneezing.

However, science nowadays suggests that the bright light will activate the Optic Nerve, this is the nerve responsible for constricting the eyes pupil’s. It is believe that when this nerve is activated it can also trigger the nerve responsible for making you sneeze as they sit very close to one another.

So, when you already need to sneeze because of dust etc. but are struggling to, looking at a bright light and causing your Optic Nerve to respond can also activate the nerve responsible for bringing on that sneeze. Which is probably why not everyone finds this to help, as your nerve for sneezing just doesn’t misinterpret the nerve for your eye pupil’s.

Does that make sense? I hope so, because I’m no scientist and I’m basically just regurgitating information here for you. Ya welcome. 

The Strange Things I Google #2

Because that’d be kinda cute, right? Teeny-weeny snail shells atop teeny-weeny snails. 

The answer to this is yes, although their shell’s are transparent and soft to begin with. To harden they need calcium, which they get by eating the casing of their own eggs.

Apparently some snails will also cannibalise the shells of their own unhatched siblings… I’m not going to lie, not finding the idea of teeny-weeny snails so cute now.

The Strange Things I Google

Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered this before. Slugs and worms too. But I Googled this as an extension to my previous question.

Actually I ended up having a lot of questions regarding snails after this, such as; do snails lay their eggs and then stay with them? Or are snails independent from hatching? Do they lay them underground? Do they meet up and converse as I’m always coming across hundreds (okay, like 10) gathered together of an evening appearing to be planning something. And it’s not like they are even eating, they are just there.. being suspicious.

Anyways, conspiracy aside, most snails are hermaphrodites, meaning that both the male and female reproductive organs are present and any snail can produce eggs and sperm. Yay for equality.

Before mating snails will woo each other through a series of “movements and attitudes”, which has me imagining snails breaking out their best dance moves. Some are wooed by hip-hop, some break-dancing whilst others prefer the refinement of ballet.

The main point of my question was based around the logistics though, which I found out includes terms like ‘love dart’ and not even as a romanticized metaphor. I’m actually just going to copy and paste here as I’m not mature enough to explain this further without taking the mick. Take note of anything in bold though and feel free to imagine what my joke would have been.

“The two snails circle around each other for up to six hours, touching with their tentacles, and biting lips and the area of the genital pore. As the snails approach mating, hydraulic pressure builds up in the blood sinus surrounding the organ housing the dart. Each snail manoeuvres to get its genital pore in the best position, close to the other snail’s body. Then, when the body of one snail touches the other snail’s genital pore, it triggers the firing of the dart.

The darting can sometimes be so forceful that the dart ends up buried in the internal organs. It can also happen that a dart will pierce the body or head entirely, and protrude on the other side. – (I’m sorry, but that is a raw deal)

After both snails have fired their darts, the snails copulate and exchange sperm.

The dart is shot with some variation in force, and with considerable inaccuracy. Snails have only very simple visual systems and cannot see well enough to use vision to help aim the darts.”

The Strange Things I Google

I really would understand if after this post goes live some big men with a straight jacket come after me. Because without actually being in my head and following the *semi* normal thought processes I have, I just seem weird. 

To try and prevent the above from happening let me attempt to take you through how I got to this question. 

I’m out walking the dogs I’m thinking about the fact my period is due soon and I wish it would just come already as I am suffering with raging hunger all the time —

(I hate men for a few seconds)

I think about how annoying it is that we are not only affected for the potion of time that we have our periods but before and after it too I think about my Sister who is going abroad soon and is having to worry about coming on her period when she wants to be swimming and waltzing round in a bikini

(hating men for a few more seconds)

I then wonder about people that aren’t regular and have come on whilst being in a pool

Can you see where this is going now, makes sense doesn’t it. I’m not insane am I. Am I?!

I wonder about people who go swimming with sharks. Has anyone with irregular periods ever been swimming with them and come on?  Has this caused the sharks to go from lazily swimming into a full on frenzy hunting mode? Interesting question isn’t it.

I just want to make it clear that I know sharks aren’t crazy demons the likes you’d see on a Jaw’s film. But if they were hungry and smelled blood they would hunt surely. I’m not saying they attack for the fun of it, I’m speaking purely in terms of hunting to eat.

The answer, apparently, is no. Although there hasn’t ever been two women, one menstruating and one not, quite willing to partake in a study to confirm this. This is because our menstrual ‘blood’ isn’t just blood. It is the lining of our uterus, cervical mucus and other secretions. What sharks are actually hunting for within blood is amino acids.

Which is good to know, as I would love to go swimming with sharks one day. And I’m definitely the type of person to be on my period at inopportune times.

Why Can't I Sense My Limbs Proprioception

Who else does this happen to? You are lying in bed, probably falling alseep and you suddenly become aware that you have lost a limb. It’s not that it’s “gone dead”, “fallen asleep” or has a case of the pins and needles. It’s quite literally that you can’t find it. And unless you make yourself move it it feels like it is no longer there.

It’s not particularly an unpleasant feeling, it’s just strange. Because you are lying there logically knowing that your arm, for instance, is still where it has always been but because you haven’t moved it in a while you have, in essence, loss track of where it is. I can lie there for sometime, without moving, trying to find it. And I just can’t. Unless I move some part of that limb, like the finger or hand etc I cannot place where it is. I hope this is making sense.

After a lot of Google searches, mostly bringing up Restless Leg Syndrom or general numbness – which it is not, I found out that it is something called Proprioception. Proprioception is described as;

“The sense of the relative position of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. Possible experiences include suddenly feeling that feet or legs are missing from one’s mental self-image; needing to look down at one’s limbs to be sure they are still there.”

“Proprioception is occasionally impaired spontaneously, especially when one is tired. Similar effects can be felt during the hypnagogic state of consciousness, during the onset of sleep. These effects are presumed to arise from abnormal stimulation of the part of the parietal cortex of the brain involved with integrating information from different parts of the body.” 

I am sure many of you have heard about amputees badly suffering with Phantom Limb Syndrome. Which is the state of confusion where the visual part of your being can clearly see that you are missing the limb but your brain is arguing that it is still there because of it’s memory of it. Proprioceptive, in essence, sounds like the opposite of this as your limb is still there but your body is unable to place it.

“Proprioception is permanently impaired in patients that suffer from joint hypermobility or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a genetic condition that results in weak connective tissue throughout the body).”

I find this interesting as I do suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome. Which may be why I experience the imparment of my Proprioception?

I find this topic very interesting, especially as I had believed that everyone experienced this. On the off-chance that you find it interesting too here are some videos.

I really enjoyed writing this Strange Things I Google post. Which question and answer did you find the most interesting?

And what stuff have you found yourself Googling that is a bit on the random side?


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  1. June 26, 2018 / 1:42 am

    I love trying to find the answers to random questions and thoughts like that. Great post, and really made me laugh xx

    • Sarah
      June 26, 2018 / 12:56 am

      😊 I can waste so much time doing this. I’m glad you found it funny xx

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