Review: Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

I’m really excited today to be telling you about my experience with Hallelujah Hair Oil. Emily from Forest & Shore got in touch with me back in April asking whether I would be interested in trying their cruelty free, 100% natural, organic oil.. – um, yeah

I have been testing the oil out for about a month now so I’m confident in my opinions on it and to tell you it is worth buying. I want to be clear that this product was gifted to me but my opinions are not affected by this. This is something I aim to do much more of in the future and to do that I need to have followers who deem me trustworthy and honest. It’s in my best interest to be honourable from the get go. Not to mention the fact that I’m kinda too rude to be nice about a product I hate. 

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

“100% Natural Certified Organic Coconut Oil Treatment and Protection. Moisturising And Repairing For Dry Damaged Hair – Promotes Healthy Hair Growth With Silky, Shiny, Smooth Results.”

The Claims: Hallelujah Hair Oil

  • Moisturising – This is because of the coconut, sesame and olive blend which penetrates deep into the hair shaft working to efficiently hydrate dry hair.
  • Repairing – By working from the inside out to heal any damaged, broken hair. Nourishing your hair with organic oils will restore the shine and promote silky hair.
  • Stimulates Hair Growth – The coconut and sesame work together to lock in proteins to encourage hair growth.
  • Protecting – Effective protection from harmful UV rays and heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.

How To Use: Hallelujah Hair Oil

Apply 2 – 5 drops into the palm of your hand apply to mid-lengths and ends of your towel dried hair. Brush through with a wide-tooth comb. Dry and style as normal. I almost always let my hair air dry, mostly due to laziness. But it will work the same if dried with a hairdryer.

Alternatively, you can use it as a ‘intense hair reboot’. Using 3-4 full pipettes and massaging it into your scalp, mid-lengths, and ends, leaving the oil in overnight and washing it out the following day.Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

My Review Of Hallelujah Hair Oil


↓ With Oil | Without Oil ↓


↓ With Oil | Without Oil ↓

I mean, the proof is in the pudding (or the pictures) in my opinion! But in case you still need persuading, read on… 

I am really impressed with this product! I have never been able to use any kind of oil or styling product on my hair as it is quite thin and instantly becomes greasy.

So, whilst I was excited about trying this oil, I was also apprehensive about whether it would just be like every other hair product I’ve tried before. I was honestly quite stressed about the possibility of not liking it but still having to review it. About having to telling you guys I didn’t like it but feeling somewhat guilty because the company gave it to me for free. Luckily that wasn’t the case.

FYI, if it had been the case I would have been honest and tell you it was rubbish, I would have just felt guilty too. 🙈

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

I use the recommended amount of three drops and just from that it tames my lion’s mane – and as you will already know from the above pictures, I’m not trying to be cute here. My hair gets outrageously frizzy, most people have never seen anything quite like it. It looks worse in person too. 

And whilst I’m not saying it leave me with silky, perfectly straight hair without having to heat style (it’d have to be a magic potion to do that) it does take out so much of the frizz and intensity. Making the styling process so much easier and quicker. And in turn less damaging as I’m spending less time using my heat styling tools.

My hair looks shinier when using the oil and it feels softer. I’ve also found that when I straighten my hair after using this oil my hair remains straighter for longer. Rather than flicking out at the end my hair holds the style much better. You can see this in the above pictures too.

Other than the superficial benefits of this oil (aka, how it makes my hair look) I like that it is repairing my hair, stimulating hair growth and protecting it from UV’s and heat. Especially, as I said, I don’t use any other post-wash hair products. This is something I talked about ages ago in a post about the Beauty Rules I Break. I always have the good intentions of using a heat protectant. But somehow I never do, usually because it makes my hair greasy. So knowing that this Hallelujah Hair Oil is providing some heat and UV protection really makes me happy.

The smell of the product is almost like an Elderflower drink to me, which I like. Once it’s in my hair I don’t smell it anymore, so if you are sensitive to scents I wouldn’t worry about that.

I also love that it is organic and cruelty free – major pluses there. I will be repurchasing it when I eventually (maybe in a years time; considering the size of the bottle and amount of product required) use it up. I’m also hoping that Forest & Shore might come out with some other products..?

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

There is only one thing about this product that I don’t like, and I know it is stupid, I really do. But the pipette doesn’t fill up. *Even typing this I’m laughing at myself.* I understand that it annoys me personally because I am obsessive compulsive, and little things like this agitate me but dammit, I want it to collect the oil all the way up to the top, and not just a quarter.

Whether this is an issue with just my pipette or across all the products I’m not sure. And in the scheme of things it’s not a big deal. I’m still going to use the oil, I still love it and I’m still going to repurchase it… – It just kinda hurts my insides and my need for perfection.

[A note about my anal retentiveness: My Sister used to come into my bedroom and ever so slightly turn an ornament, just to mess with me, because the next time I would come into my room I instantly knew something was wrong. And I am talking a 5 degree angle change here. Who else is with me here? Also, how sadistic is my Sister?]

As for the rest of the packaging and bottle design I think it is lovely. I really like how it is minimalistic and reminds me of apothecary bottles.

You can buy Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil from Amazon for £15.99. And I would honestly recommend you do.

* This product was gifted to me by Forest & Shore. I will only accept and feature items that are in keeping with my blog. My views and opinions are not affected whether the product is gifted or bought with my own money.*

P.S. Bloggers version of Where’s Waldo. Mia finds a way to get herself in all my blog photos – this is what you get for having a shadow for a dog. Usually I don’t feature these photos but this one is too cute not to.



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  1. Edlira
    March 7, 2020 / 8:37 am

    Does it really work? I recently got one and tried it twice. My hair feels so dry …. Even i naturally got soft and hydrated hair

    • Sarah
      May 27, 2020 / 12:54 am

      I found it worked really well for me, maybe try again with different amounts, I think it is really important to find the correct amount for your hair otherwise it can mess with the texture. Hope this helps 🙂

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