Peaceful Summer Bedroom Tips | Yorkshire Linen

Peaceful Summer Bedroom Tips | Yorkshire Linen

Today I am going to be sharing with you the main things I consider when creating a Peaceful Summer Bedroom. This post is a collaboration with Yorkshire Linen, who FYI, currently have a site wide sale on.

If the average person spends 229,961 hours of their lifetime in bed, and that’s just sleeping, so how many hours do we spend just hanging out in our bedrooms..? I’d try to do the maths, but, you know – work. So instead I’ll just say, we spend an outrageous amount of time in our bedrooms, so making them an enjoyable and peaceful place to be should be top priority.


Incorporate Natural Textures | Furniture

I think most people would agree the main focal point in a bedroom is your bed – I mean, it’s in the name of the room. Currently I’m obsessed with wooden frames that either incorporate metal or material, such as the frames linked before. One of the reasons I think these style of bed are great for creating a peaceful space is there natural textures and earthy vibes. Being out in nature brings a lot of people comfort, so bring that nature inside with your furniture.

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Don’t limit it to just your bed frame though, continue infusing calming wooden tones with secondary furniture pieces too, such as bookcases and shelves.

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Quality Sleep | Mattresses

Now unless you are lucky enough to have a space in your bedroom for a comfy chair (if you do, I resent you) then the only place you are going to be sitting in your bedroom is your mattress. So it needs to be great quality. Mattresses can be expensive but considering the amount of time you spend on it both relaxing and sleeping, it is invaluable. I was in desperate of a new mattress for a very long time and because of that my sleep had been disrupted and I was dealing with a lot of back and shoulder pain. In the end I got a mattress from Simba, which really took the work out of it as they only sell one type of mattress. If you are in need of a new mattress I highly recommend Simba. My pain has gone and I am sleeping much better.

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Find Your Style | Bedding

God I love bedding. Buying a new quilt cover can change the vibe of your room, give you a refreshed feeling and bring you a peaceful environment to relax in. If you are on a budget but still want to change-up your room for Summer a brilliant way of doing that is updating your bedding. Yorkshire Linen has some really great options for as little as £16.99 for a double quilt cover and two pillowcases. Below are some of my favourites.

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Ideal Temperature | Bedspreads

Bedspreads are another easy way of changing up the feel of your room without breaking the bank. They are great for adding personality to your bedroom, especially when you favour muted bedding. Instead of owning patterned bedding you can let your style come through with your bedspread and cushions. Or, if you are like me and tend to lean more towards patterned quilt covers, pick a simplier bedspread so as not to overwhelm a room. Pick textured bedspreads to add depth, you’ll be surprised on how a slight texture change can really draw the eye. 

Other than adding great style and personality to a room, having a bedspread instead of a quilt cover is great idea during Summertime to optimise your sleep. I know I personally spend most of my Summer nights kicking my quilt off because I’m overheating, only to be pulling it back on a few minutes later because, well – everyone knows that monsters can only get you when you’re uncovered.

A lot of people are under the misconception that for a good nights sleep you need to be toasty and warm. In actuality a cooler environment provides the best uninterrupted sleep. It is scientifically proven that the ideal temperature for sleeping is around 18.5ºC (65ºF ). So investing in a bedspread during Summer can be crucial for sleeping well as they are more substantial than your average throw, but lighter-weight than your quilt. And don’t worry about them only being worth their cost during the Summer months as they will transition into the Winter seasons with you too, adding an extra layer of warmth on cold nights. Below are some of my favourites from Yorkshire Linen’s but you can check out their full range of bedspreads here

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I don’t need to get all Feng shui on you to explain how symmetry can create a peaceful and harmonious enviroment. In a bedroom the main features you can apply this too are your bedside tables and decorative cushions.

An added point to consider regarding your bedside tables are the amount of clutter kept on them. If you want to create a peaceful environment then only keep the essentials on view. Clutter free environments equal clutter free minds.

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Visual Noise

To create a peaceful sleeping environment you should consider the visual noise in your bedroom. You can limit these types of distractions by saying no to having technology in that room. However if you are like me, and not that way inclined then set yourself a cut off time for watching TV and messing around on your phone.

Another point to consider is the types of bulbs you have in your bedroom, which should ideally vary to the rest of your house. Having very warm or warm white lighting next to your bed is ideal, or a dimmer light which you can adjust as your evening progress. You don’t want bright jarring lights next to your bed.


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Curtains are very important when considering visual noise. Aside from being a statement decorative item they are most important in aiding sleep and maintaining your ideal bedroom temperature. To keep the early morning sun from waking you during Summer you should get yourself some blackout curtains or blinds. I can’t emphasise my love for these because not only do they help keep me from waking at 4am, they help to keep the heat out during Summer and the heat in during Winter. They really are an amazing investment if you value your sleep.

This is also an amazing tip for any parents out there whose toddlers are coming to greet you very early in the morning. I advised my Sister to purchase some of these when Max decided their Summer wakeup time should be at 5:30am. Now he’s sleeping until around 7am most morning.

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Cosy Corner

If you do have the floor space to create a cosy corner then go for it. Creating a soft spot in your bedroom that isn’t your bed will help make that mental distinction of where you relax verse where you sleep. I don’t think I have the space for a rotating loveseat (which is the dream by the way) but I have been considering purchasing something smaller like a pouffe that I can use when doing my hair and makeup in front of my wardrobe. Something as small as not sitting on your bed to do those types of activities can help you sleep better at the end of the day. 

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Art can really bring a room together, especially when wanting to create a peaceful bedroom. The art in your bedroom should be calming and not overly stimulating, for instance, maybe don’t hang a Kandinsky piece above your bed. Place artwork that brings you peace over your bed, as this is usually the focal point and the first thing you see on entering your bedroom. Little touches like this really do help put you in the right mindset for unwinding after a long day. If you are on a budget then take a look at my last DIY post which shows you a very easy way of finding unique art to decorate your home with.

Fresh Air

Have you ever noticed how much better you sleep after spending a day outside? Even if you’ve just been sunbathing or relaxing in the garden. The reason is fresh air and because of this Oxygen shaped Sandman you should aim to recycle the air in your bedroom daily. Even 10 minutes of an open window is enough to circulate the air and aid better sleep.

Another way of doing this is to jump on the bandwagon and get yourself an air purifying indoor plant.

NOTE: An important thing to consider before bringing any plant into your home though is whether they are toxic to your pets, a quick Google search can confirm this.

So they are my tips on how to create a peaceful Summer bedroom. I hope you found them helpful and if you have any tips that you personally live by please let me know in the comments. 

* This blog post was a sponsored collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. I will only accept and feature brands and items that are in keeping with my blog. My views and opinions are not affected whether a post contains gifted items or is sponsored.*



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