Monthly Memories – June

Monthly Memories – June

June started off with a trip to the vets as Oscar was limping quite badly on one of his legs. Which stressed me the F out.

I don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned that he almost died a couple of years back from a very sudden, and very extreme case of Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis.

We were out in the garden during Summer when he started acting very strange. He kept trying to get as close to me as he could and then began vomiting and collapsed. The rest is kind of a blur to me but after a 10 minute drive (which should have taken about 25 minutes – yeah we broke quite a few road rules that day) we got him to an emergency vets and they saved his life. I was an overprotective dog Mum before that so now I’m a mess with anything; has he sneezed too many times? What’s wrong? He’s only had two poos today instead of his standard three? Somethings wrong! Anyways, you get the picture.

So when he began limping my brain went to worse case senario; he’s broken it, it’s going to have to be amputated, how will he managed? Maybe there is an infection, it might kill him. I mean, rationally I knew he’d probably be fine, but still. I also want to make it clear I’m not a hypochondriac with anything else, just my dogs – that makes me seem saner right?

Anyhoo, we think he had jumped off a bed and landed funny. For a couple of days I gave him anti inflammatory medication and now he’s back to his annoying self. 

This month I finally sold all of my remaining furniture. Pro tip, don’t buy all new furniture whilst still having all your old furniture. After finally selling all my old furniture I hired some girls to come round and build my new four door wardrobe which has been sat in boxes in the hall for the last two month. After that was built I could finally buy my new bed frame. Which Oscar helped me build. 

On the 6th it was my one year anniversary of blogging! Which I celebrated with a big post rounding up all the different ways blogging has improved my life. Around a week later I received my first sponsored opportunity which was really exciting and felt like a lovely way to ring in my second year of blogging.

You might remember the whole debacle from last month regarding my laptop breaking and deleting everything. Well this month I managed to delete all of the photos from the start of this year. I also deleted an album on my phone. So technology and me are really on the outs currently. 

On the 13th I went for one of my regular steroid injections into my ankle. Which isn’t to make my ankle buff FYI, it’s to push the bones apart so my arthritis is less painful. I ended up having to sit there 9 hours, which is always fun. On the plus side I did get this lovely tan. 

The following day it was my Yorkshire Wildlife VIP experience which I mentioned recently. These passes were bought for me as a Christmas present quite some time ago so I was excited to finally get round to using them. We got there just before 9ish to find out our tour wasn’t happening until 1pm, despite what my email confirmations had said. We couldn’t exactly pop home as that was a two hour journey but it wasn’t too bad as they gave us a free breakfast and we had access to the park to have a stroll around. The only downside was that by the end of the day my ankle was badly swollen and I could barely hobble. You’re not suppose to be overtly active following the steroid injections as it causes the fluid to disperse faster. So my pain hasn’t been helped this time. 

Anyways, onto the main event. The animals! 

The first animals we met were the Lions, who were just sickening stunning. We were so close to them, well there was a very large fence between us, but still. If I’d have wanted I could have reached out and stroked them. Might of lost a finger or two but I kinda think it would have been worth it.

There was only one lion who wanted to come over to see us, so we fed him some meat using some tongs. Our guide was very informative the whole way round, one of the main things I remember him telling us about the lions is that these guys are a 3rd smaller than lions in the wild. A 3rd smaller! And yet their size was bafflingly large. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Experience Review

You can’t tell, because you can’t see my face, but my life was made in this moment. Whenever I wasn’t fast enough getting the meat to him he’d place his humongous paw on the fence and chuff at me. *Heart Stolen*

After saying goodbye to my new love, we went to see the Warty Pigs, which is kind of an offensive name if you ask me. They had recently put the male and female together after the male kept on feeding her through the fence. Since then the female has apparently been beating the male up a bit, but they believed her to be pregnant which was very exciting and great for the species which are critically endangered. 

Next we went to visit the Giant Otter sisters Mora and Alexandra. We fed them some fish (which I tried to not to focus on. Full fish bodies looking at you is far more disturbing than chunks of meat).

Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Experience Review

The way they move and hold their food is really sweet. They also made some very interesting ‘nom nom’ screams when trying to makes us feed them faster.

After the Otters had their fill of fish and wandered off we went to see the Marmosets which our guide described as little gremlins. We went into their habitate and he warned us not to stroke them but that they were mostly harmless, just annoying and likely to climb on you.

The highlight of being in this area though was meeting the six-banded Armadillo. Unlike their other Armadillo siblings these guys do not curl into a protective ball when attacked, instead they pull their limbs in and flatten themselves to the ground, protecting their soft underbelly, whilst their bony armour protects them from predators. This bony armour is made up of the same material as our hair and nails which is why it was so surprising to touch one and feel how solid they were. Our guide said that a Jaguar would struggle to break though their armoured plating.

These girls were so cute, you wouldn’t necessarily think it but they have really sweet little faces and were one of my favourites from the visit.

Their Dinner was mealworms, which one of the Marmosets came a stole a few of (I just glanced up one second and he was pulling them out of the container). 

Next up was the Giant Anteater, who we were warned was extremely lazy. These guys are nocturnal anyways but our guide said that this guy took it to another level. He would apparently just completely ignore you if he decided he didn’t want to wake up. They used to have a female living with him who would come and bite him out of bed but unfortunately she passed away. 

We sat there for a while trying to entice him to say hello with some food but he blanked us in a way I’ve never been blanked before. I have to say it was kind of impressive how brilliantly he ignored us. 

Next door to him was a sweet little South American Coati who came to say hi though.

Next we wandered over to see the Giraffe’s. I’ve seen Giraffe’s many times before but standing right in front of them is rather strange. They are such a peculiar and unique animals and so gracefully beautiful. And, oh my god, strong!

We fed them some leaves and at points both me and Rebecca were sure our feet were going to leave the ground with the strength of their pull.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Experience Review

Fun facts: Giraffe have black/blue tongues which prevent them becoming sunburnt. And they have a special system in the veins of their necks to stop them getting a rush of blood to the head when they bend down to drink, because if you think about it, every time a Giraffe bends their head down to the ground they are doing the equivalent of us standing on our heads.

Following on from the Giraffa’s we went to visit the Wallaby’s. This part of the park is interesting as you can enter their habitat and walk among them. As a standard visitor you are not allowed to step over the low wooden fence, us on the other hand.. 😏

Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Experience Review

We fed these little cuties too. My one was actually falling asleep as it eating out of my hand, so I’d say it was pretty relaxed. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park VIP Experience Review

I mean, c’mon.. what is that?!

Next we went over to visit and feed the Lemurs, who again, are in an enclosement that you can enter. 

Our final animal on the tour was Baboons. 

Baboons are very intelligent but they scare me a bit, they are pretty ruthless and aggressive animals, which when you consider that they are the species closest to us, makes prefect sense. 

That was it for our visit and it was amazing. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is lovely and you can see how it differs to standard zoo’s. 

This last week of the month has been beautiful. Hot, unable to take the dogs out for walk because it would burn their paws kind of hot. But beautiful.

Here are some random photos from this month.

  1. Look at how Mia sleeps.
  2. Oscar will let me do anything to him; he just sat there with my socks on his head, unfazed. Weirdo.

How was your June? What has been your favourite memory looking back on the month? And what are you looking forward to in July?


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  1. August 7, 2018 / 12:32 am

    Looks like a lovely month apart from the Oscar drama! I have been melting for weeks! xx

  2. July 31, 2018 / 4:09 am

    Just passing by, hoping to catch up 🙂
    That sucks to hear about Oscar’s past that must have been terrifying for you!! And I’m glad it was just a minor ‘injury’, hope he’s doing a lot better now 🙂
    And that wildlife experience must have been amazing for you!! I mean lions, otters, wallaby’s!!! Gaaahhh!!! So much cuteness!!

    • Sarah
      August 1, 2018 / 12:07 am

      I appreciate you catching up! Especially as you said on your blog how you weren’t going to because there was so much to read 😊😉 so thanks girly!
      It was truly awful, finger and toes crossed I never have to experience that again with the doggies!
      It was ridiculous! R-e-e-d-i-c-k-u-l-o-u-s 😍

      • August 1, 2018 / 3:05 pm

        No problem girl I’m mainly going through people’s blogs who always comment and like my posts. Lol.
        I hope not either. Sounded scary.

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