Monthly Memories – July

Monthly Memories – July

Including this post I’ve only posted 5 times this month. Which is so rubbish. I didn’t really realise until mid month how low in mood I’ve been feeling. I’ve dealt with depression since I was a child and I’m well accustom to feeling an extra bad period coming on.

This time I was completely unaware of how low I was feeling until I was in the midst of it. I think it’s also because it’s different this time, for whatever reason. Anyways, I’m not going to talk too much about it. Not because I want to hide the fact I suffer and have always suffered with mental illness, but because I try to make my blog a positive place. And whilst talking about and bringing attention to depression and other mental illnesses is very important, I also understand that it can be a bit of a downer. Everyones life is hard and constantly reading about other people’s misery can get a bit gloomy. 

There are some specific developments within my life that I do think I want to post on, if anything just because writing things out helps me to understand my real thoughts and feelings about stuff rather than just jumping from emotion to emotion. But for now, I just wanted to say I’m sorry I’ve not been posting regularly (if you care) and I hope my memories from July bring a smile to your face. 

Becky, the checky beehatch, went abroad this month. And she went without me! That rude little mutterf***er had the audacity to think she could go away without me! As if herself, her children and her Husband are this whole little family without me. Shocking. 

Anyways, the point of me telling you this is that the day before they left they were round at my house. When I was saying goodbye to the kids in the car I leaned down and picked up a little hippo toy that had fallen into the footwell and handed it to Max. And the little cutie said, “you can keep him “. So I told him I would take him on little adventures whilst I had him and take pictures for them to see when they got home.

Then I got way to into it. If I’m being completely honest it became more for my own entertainment than my Niece and Nephew’s.

Indulge me here. 

So Mr Hippos day started with a big drink, and searching for something to eat in the fridge. He then heads out in the car. Come midday he’s feeling a bit peckish so he eats some berries.

The next part of his day consisted of general tasks, you know, laundry and gardening. But not forgetting to stop and smell the flowers.

In the evening he got ready to go out for a walk with his new besties Oscar and Mia. This is where he let his hair down; climbing trees, playing on swings and having fun in a sandpit.

To wind down after all that fun he hung out with Mia before heading to bed.

.. – And that’s where my fun ended. God, I’m sad.

If you have fun creating these stupidities for the children in your family please let me know. That way I won’t feel quite as sad and insane. I mean, still somewhat sad and insane. Just a bit less.

It was Mia and Oscars birthday this month. They happen to only have a day between their birthday; Mia on the 20th and Oscar is on the 22nd. So being the fair and loving (and insane) dog Mummy I am, I celebrated on the 21st. I bought them a cake from a local dog bakery that I’ve used before and the creation was so cute!

Love this photo.. look at that side eye.

I didn’t get them many presents. Just a small toy each (they already have way too many). And then I wrapped up some treats which they get daily anyways. But it’s cute watching them open presents so I always try to get them something.

On an evening walk with the dogs I took this cool picture of my Mum. The weather has been so lovely in the evenings when the heat has broken a bit. Although it’s been raining a lot again the last few days – which we’ve needed, but I’m still hopefully that we have some more Summer days left.

That’s it for my mention worth monthly memories. And the hippo part might even be a stretch regarding it being mention worthy. 😉

I’m considering taking a scheduled blogging break soon, rather than just not blogging and feeling bad about it. I do have a couple of posts coming up, but after that I might be off for awhile.

How was your July? What has been your favourite memory looking back on the month? And what are you looking forward to in August?


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