Blogger Fitness Collaboration

Blogger Fitness Collaboration

Today’s post is a collaborative effort with Courtney and Rossy. In a post back in May I said I needed to lose some weight and if any bloggers fancied creating a mini club where we could support each other and hold each other accountable then to let me know. So when Rossy emailed me saying that Courtney was interested our little blogger fitness band was formed. 

For the past month we’ve all been taking steps towards losing weight and feeling healthier and happier and today is our first post about it. Our lifestyles, health, dietary preference and body shapes and are a bit different so be sure to check out both of their posts to see what their personal goals are and how they plan to go about achieving them.

Check out Rossy’s post here—&— Check out Courtney’s post here!

My Background:

  • When gaining weight it predominately goes to my stomach, bum and thighs – I mean, it goes everywhere else too but that’s where my fat like to sit the most.
  • I am a vegetarian (not a smart one as I don’t make sure to get my protein, iron and vitamins elsewhere).
  • I have a somewhat active lifestyle; having dogs means that I do at least some walking everyday. 
  • As I am disabled the type of physical exercise I can do to lose weight is somewhat restricted. I can’t do high impact exercises as my leg is simply not strong enough to support those types of motions. So running, dancing, jumping, and the majority of HIIT workouts are not suitable for me.

By the way, if you can do HIIT workouts they are amazing for weight loss and there are tons of brilliant YouTube workout videos on them. 

My Goal:

I’m not confident enough to state what my weight is, but if I do lose it I would eventually say what I started at. But for now I’m just going to say that I’d like to lose around 2 stone. It may end up being a bit more or a bit less but around that marker.

Basically, whilst I do have a goal weight in mind I will also be taking how I feel and how I look into consideration. Say I am still 6lbs off my goal but I am happy with how I look and feel, I’ll stop there and maintain that weight instead.

My Action Plan:

Back in 2015 my Sister started planning for her wedding, and that kick started an impressive 2 ½ stone weight loss for me. It took me around 9 months to lose that weight and I was so much happier with how I looked and felt. And then I gain it back a year later. 😒

My main point for mentioning this is that I know I can lose this weight again, I just need the right motivation. And apparently not being comfortable in my own skin is not enough of a motivating factor. Honestly, it’d be really helpful if my Sister just got married again, but apparently me asking that of her is unreasonable. 😒 I mean, she can marry the same guy if she wants, I’m not completely unaccomodating. 

To lose that weight I joined Slimming World and worked out almost daily. Whilst I can’t workout now the way I could back in 2015 (even in that short time my physical health has deteriorated quite badly) I can start that diet back up.

I would recommend it as it obviously worked brilliantly for me, but it is a slightly strange diet as at its essence you can eat as much pasta, rice, potatoes and select other foods as you want and still lose weight..? It won’t work for everyone but it can also be amazing, so if you are intrigued I’d highly suggest you look into it online and maybe go to a meeting if it sounds like it could be for you.

And secondly I plan to find a form of exercise that fits my health restrictions but is still highly effective and fun.

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | Month Review

As I mentioned in my Monthly Memories I have been struggling a bit with my mood currently so whilst I haven’t achieved as much as I had wanted to in this first month I’m trying to not be too hard on myself. When you’re not in a great place mentally it can be so difficult to be healthy, so whilst I had wanted to do better, I am okay with what I’ve managed this month.

I also just want to say, as the obvious expert I am, that if you are trying to lose weight, tone up, become healthier etc. and you have a bad day, week or month not to berate yourself. Life can get in the way of all your best intentions and it’s better to accept a bad day and start again than to give up entirely because you’ve failed that step.

I think a great quote to keep in mind goes along the lines of “falling is not failing, but refusing to get up after falling is the real failure.” Actually, use that for anything hard and trying in life.


In the beginning of the month I was really struggling to figure out how best I could exercise without causing more pain. I realised that the exercises I had been doing back in 2015/16 were now causing me too much pain and I had to figure something else out. Then I persuaded my eldest Niece to come swimming with me. It still hurts, but swimming is low impact, basically no impact and it’s an amazing all over body workout to boot. I’ve only been a few times but so far I’m enjoying it and plan on going at least twice a week. I will need to incorporate more exercise into my week, maybe more strength-type-lying-down-mat-exercises, but for now I’m just glad to be swimming.


As I mentioned above I am going to stick to the Slimming World diet for the most part. Even three years ago I didn’t adhere to it as strictly as I should have. And this last month I’ve been doing it kind of half-arsed, so I really want to buckle down a bit more next month. Again.. – not going to stick to it completely, because I’m a sorry excuse for a person trying to lose weight, but more than I have been.

Water Intake

In one of our group emails Courtney mentioned an App that she was going to use to monitor and improve her water intake called Plant Nanny. So being the copycat I am I immediately downloaded it. I’ve always tried to drink 3 glasses a day, plus the average 2-3 that I drink during the night. Sidenote: people who don’t have to drink at night are strange creatures that don’t make sense to me. But the idea of watering a little virtual plant was too cute to pass up.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you might be unaware that I apparently enjoy the pressure of keeping plants alive so much that I’m living that fear out in a virtual world too.

The App is actually pretty cute and a good way of getting reminders to drink. You can set how frequently you’d like the App to pop up reminding you to water your plant, and in turn yourself. And it calculates how much water you should be drinking in a day based off of your body activity and weight.

It’s kinda like a basic Tamagotchi that’s guilt trips you into drinking more unless you want the plant to die. So far I have three fully grown plants in my “garden”.

Blogger Fitness Collaboration

I’ll go into further details about my diet and exercise routine in future posts, partially because I don’t want this post to be too long but mostly because I’ve not fully figured them out yet. 😉

If you have any tips on how to lose weight then please let me know.

And if any of you want to join along with us, let us know! You can join our email thread, write collaborative posts and have the camaraderie of doing it all together rather than struggling alone.

Check out Rossy’s post here! —&— Check out Courtney’s post here!


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  1. August 14, 2018 / 2:42 pm

    what a cute way to remember to drink water, love that!

    • Sarah
      August 16, 2018 / 1:28 am

      It’s a clever app idea isn’t it 😊

    • Sarah
      August 9, 2018 / 12:41 am

      Thank you 😊

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