Blogger Fitness Collaboration | August Review

Blogger Fitness Collaboration

Today’s post is a collaborative effort with CourtneyRossy and new addition Natalie!

Last month I introduced you to our little Blogger Fitness Band and it has since grown in size. Not only with the addition of fellow blogger Natalie, but one of Courtney’s real life friends called Emily. Whilst Emily isn’t a blogger she is in our Instagram group chat and has fitness goals too.

So I’ll quickly just introduce Natalie as her goals are a bit more advanced than ours. This is great as now anyone reading this that is already at a higher level of fitness you can go and check her post out for inspiration. A couple of example of her type of fitness goals include increasing muscle mass and decrease body fat. So if you want to find out more about her fitness journey already and what she’s still working towards then check out her blog. Along with Courtney and Rossy who just rule in general! 

Check out Rossy’s post here Check out Courtney’s post here Check out Natalie’s post here!

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | August Review


We swam until closing time!


This month I went swimming 5 times, which isn’t great and I definitely want to go more this month. But I am happy with how I feel I’m improving. I’m managing to swim more lengths and I’m requiring less rest time in between (i.e. gasping from breath at the pool edge). The amount of lengths and the time it takes me to do them isn’t anything to rave about, but I’m still proud of my improvements. 

I’ve been tracking my distance and time with an app called Swimkeeper

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | August Review

Side note: On the 30th I went swimming and I was only there for about 15-20 minutes before everyone got removed from the pool. A girl seemed to go unconscious mid-swim and appeared to begin fitting! Very intense. I believe she was okay though, as by the time I was leaving (as we we’re all told to go home) she was sat up and talking. 


As for the strength-type exercises I wanted to do alongside swimming, I worked out at home 5 times, amounting to 150 minutes. Jointly with exercises I found on Pinterest years ago (which I’ll show in another post as I do think they are great for weight loss and toning) I’ve been using an app that Rossy suggested called Female Fitness – Women Workout.


Okay – so between the weekend staycation and the general stress of ill dogs, dog sitting another dog that was constantly fighting with my dog, being a bit under the weather and, well, not paying enough attention to actually eating well – this month hasn’t been great. But look at this cute picture of Oscar trying to steal some pancakes.

Blogger Fitness Collaboration - August Review


I’m still using, and loving the App that Courtney suggested called Plant Nanny. If you want to up your water intake then definitely download it and give it a try. I also love it as I love lists and ticking things off. And every time I drink a glass and press that little on-screen button I get the same enjoyment that I do from ticking something off. So if you’re weird like that, download it too.

Blogger Fitness Collaboration - August Review

The only thing I will say is that some of the plants are a bit creepy…

Blogger Fitness Collaboration - August Review


Did you know that hormonally we can gain up to 10lbs once or twice a month during our cycle! Which obviously can be very frustrating when you’ve been dieting and working out only to suddenly wake up one morning feeling bigger and weighing more. I deal with this a few ways; 

  • Firstly I use an App called Clue that I’ve been using for years now to keep track of when my periods are due. However there are loads of different data that you can track, here are just a few:

By tracking these things on a regular basis you can see how your body and mind change during your cycle. For instance, for a fair amount of females our mood and emotions drop around the time we are due on. This is hormonal but whilst you are in the midst of it it’s harder to step back and see clearly.

So a lot of the time we will feel fatter or more disgusting whilst on our periods and in turn our mood drops lower and we become very discouraged. But if you track how you mood and emotions change in a month you will be able to see that the negative thoughts are not always based in facts. You may not actually be larger or weighing more, it’s just your brain and emotions tricking you. Data tracking will help you stay on track and not feel discouraged in spite of what your brain or emotions might be telling you at that moment in time.

  • Secondly track how your body looks by taking regular pictures. Wear the same outfit and take the picture in the same location each time to really see the benefits.
  • And finally, and possibly the one I love the most is, tracking your body measurements! These are the measurements I personally take:

In the same way as above, sometimes you’ll feel like you have suddenly gained all your weight back on. But if you actually keep track of your measurements you might find that is completely untrue. I’ve been dealing with this this week as I’m due on. My scales say I’ve gained 3lbs but quite a few of my measurements are down. Which just proves that periods are evil! Hell, sometimes you don’t even have to be on your period for your brain to start telling you these lies. You might just look in the mirror and see weight gain that isn’t actually there. This can be the case for men too.

I get that doing all these might seem a bit overkill but not only is it a great way preventing your brain from tricking you, it’s also a great way of keeping track of your achievements. 


This is my first time setting fitness goals that are actually documented on the blog. – Here’s hoping that means I keep them.

  1. Workout twice a week – whether that’s two swimming sessions, swimming and strength or two strength workouts
  2. Keep drinking average of 2800 ml a day – (which is what Plant Nanny recommends me based on body activity and weight)
  3. Actually try to stick to my diet … I think that’s pretty self-explanatory

If you have any tips on how to lose weight then please let me know.

And if any of you want to join along with us, let us know! You can join our email thread, write collaborative posts and have the camaraderie of doing it all together rather than struggling alone.

Check out Rossy’s post here Check out Courtney’s post here Check out Natalie’s post here!


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