Blogger Fitness Collaboration | October Review

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | October Review

Today’s post is a collaborative effort with CourtneyRossy and Natalie!

Having already introduced you to our little Blogger Fitness Band in my previous posts I can get straight into reviewing how October (and September as I missed that blog post) went.

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During September I went swimming twice and workout at home three times, amounting to 160 minutes. Which isn’t quite what I was hoping to achieve but considering that I basically did nothing the whole of October I now look back on September and think, “good job”. 

Whilst I didn’t go swimming or officially workout during October I did start doing crunches of an evening. I started at 50 normal crunch and 25 oblique crunches on each side. By the end of the month I can easily do 300 normal and 100 oblique on each side. I did these 16 days out of the 31 of October and it’s something I’m going to continue. I know crunches alone will not aid weight loss but as I’ve been better with my diet the last month I have noticed that I am looking a bit firmer around my core. 


As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts the diet I am following (not overtly rigorously) is the Slimming World diet. It is a slightly strange diet as at its essence you can eat as much pasta, rice, potatoes and select other foods as you want and still lose weight..? It won’t work for everyone but it can also be amazing, so if you are intrigued I’d highly suggest you look into it online and maybe go to a meeting if it sounds like it could be for you.

In previous months I haven’t followed the diet very well.. – okay, I’ve outright ignored it. But over September and October I got much better at adhering to it. For instance, I was having a bowl of cereal every night around 10pm.. now I’m more likely to grab an apple instead. Even if the cereal is calling out to me like a fog horn.


I’m still using, and loving the App that Courtney suggested called Plant Nanny. I like how there are certain plants that represent the seasons, I was recently growing a Morning Ghost which was very Halloween appropriate.

Over the 61 days of September and October combined I drank sufficient amounts of water on 52 of those days, which I’m very happy with. I am yet to complete a full month without failing at least one day, but overall I have greatly increased how much I am drinking in a day.  

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | October Review


  1. Workout once a week.
  2. Continue increasing the amount of crunches I can do.
  3. Keep drinking average of 2800 ml a day.
  4. Continue to maintain or improve diet.

If you have any tips on how to lose weight then please let me know.

And if any of you want to join along with us, let us know! You can join our email thread, write collaborative posts and have the camaraderie of doing it all together rather than struggling alone.

Check out Rossy’s post here Check out Courtney’s post here Check out Natalie’s post here!


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  1. November 13, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    Great job, Sarah!! I’m still so impressed by your crunches. I’ve been doing the Blogilates calendar and the ab days are the ones I dread the most haha. That’s awesome that you’ve noticed your core is a bit firmer and it’s not at all surprising with all those crunches!! Also, great job on your water. I love the app too, but I have yet to even complete one week of drinking sufficient water every day. Perhaps that should be my goal lol. I wanted the ghost plant but didn’t have enough seeds yet!

    • Sarah
      November 13, 2018 / 11:49 pm

      I’m constantly watching those adverts to get free seeds 😉 I think the snow bush one is christmassy so I’ll do that in December 😊 And thank you!

      • November 14, 2018 / 2:59 pm

        Oh I forgot about doing that! I did that at the very beginning so I could start getting the nicer plants but once I got seeds from them, I forgot about the videos. Haha yeah I grew the snow bush in September I think…it would have been more fun in December. 😉

  2. November 9, 2018 / 4:52 am

    Hey I’m sorry I haven’t linked your post yet, actually no ones lol. I feel so bad haha. I will get on that when I’m done reading a bit. Anyway, I’m so so proud of you this month/update. I’m glad that you will keep doing the exercises you’ll be able to do so many more by the end of the month.
    That diet of being able to eat starchy foods sounds interesting, I feel like when I eat too much of it I gain a bit of weight lol. I’m glad it’s working for you. I’ve been leaning more towards eating more and more fruits and veggies as well.
    I also love that you’re not forcing yourself to do more than you know you’d be able to. Good for you for knowing your limits!! I think I’ve forced myself in the past months which is why I have failed time and time again lol

    • Sarah
      November 17, 2018 / 2:25 am

      Don’t worry about it, took me a day or so I think and then even longer to get round to actually reading the posts!
      Aw thanks, hopefully if I keep them up I might get to around 500 in one go? Maybe..?
      It is a strange diet as normally you think pasta, rice, potatoes.. – not diet food. But for me it works, I think you can bloat on it but the main point you have to remember is to eat loads of fruit/veg.
      I think we see weight loss as a linear thing, and it’s not, sometimes you’ll go backwards; both with diet and exercise.

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