Blogger Fitness Collaboration | November Review

Blogger Fitness Collaboration | October Review

This post is a collaborative effort with CourtneyRossy and Natalie!

Todays post is the last in our Blogger Fitness Collaboration. We’ve officially been doing it for around 6 months now which just seems mad as those months just flew past. Whilst this series is finishing, my fitness journey is not. I still aim to lose more weight and may update on how I’m doing in my Monthly Memories every now and then.

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I said back in that first post that whilst I knew I could lose weight I was requiring the right motivation to do it. I think overall I never quite hit my stride in finding the proper desire to exercise and diet. I’d drop in and out depending on what else was going on in my life. However on a more positive note, considering I hadn’t even been attempting to diet or exercise prior to this collab it did help to a degree in making me feel more inspired to take the steps I needed to. 

My plan was to restart my Slimming World diet. I had used this diet back in 2015/16 in which I lost 2½ stone for my sister’s wedding. In those first months I basically negated doing that, instead focusing more on exercising. Whilst in the last couple of months I’ve switched my focus onto it much more and in turn failed to workout properly. This is what I mean about not quite hitting my stride; I seemed to fail on one front at all times.

One thing I struggled most with regarding exercise is my physical restrictions due to my disability. In those first few months I started swimming regularly. And I was not only enjoying it but noticing it changing my body shape and stamina. However, swimming costs money – money that I can’t necessarily afford and quickly became a bit too expensive for me to maintain. 

I think this put a downer on my motivation to workout as I felt, honestly, pretty sorry for myself. I felt almost like I was fighting a losing battle as if you’re not able to workout at home the way you need to in order to lose weight because of your health and you can not financially afford to workout in a way that does fit your health then what do you do?

Obviously there were other options for me, but like I said, I was feeling sorry for myself and generally let that set back act as an excuse not to continuing pushing forward. That’s all on me and something that I need to put some time into working around. I have been saying, basically for the last 6 months, that I want to try Yoga or Pilates but yet I just haven’t found the time. Which, excuse my French, is bullshit. Going foward I need to find a way of moving past my excuses.

The ways I am currently succeeding are maintaining a pretty good diet and doing regular crunches which I mentioned in last months post;

“I started at 50 normal crunch and 25 oblique crunches on each side. By the end of the month I can easily do 300 normal and 100 oblique on each side.”

In November I continued my crunches by maintaining a schedule of doing them every other day.  I definitely think I am looking firmer around my core, which is confirmed in my body measurements below.


As I talked about in the August review post I think tracking your body measurements is a great way of seeing how your body is changing. Often you do not notice little changes simply by looking in a mirror and as weight can flucuate so easily in women due to our hormonal changes one of the most reliable ways of seeing progress is through tracking your measurements.

I measured myself when we first started this collaboration and again today, these are the results:

  • Arms: same
  • Chest/Back: down ½ inch
  • Waist: down 1½ inches
  • Love Handles: down 3 inches
  • Hip: down 2 inches
  • Bottom: down ½ inch
  • Thighs: same

I honestly account to inches lost mostly to the crunches as before I started doing them my measurements where staying the same. As I’ve said before, crunches will only take me so far – when combined with dieting – in weight loss. So I will need to find other workouts to really lose the weight, but I’m still impressed with how quickly and significantly a few crunches has affected my body. 


I have continuesly used the app Plant Nanny that Courtney recommended. And it has most definately increased the amount of water I am drinking daily. I will continue to use this as not only is it helping, but it’s a fun little app and I like seeing my virtual garden grow. 

Plant Nanny App

And, for now at least, this is where everything stands. I still have a long way to go but I’m reasonably happy with how far I’ve come. 

Photo’s taken:

May – June – September – October

Finally I want to say a massive thank you to the girls. Disregarding how well or unwell I have done throughout this process I’ve greatly enjoyed this little group of supportive women I’ve been a part of. They are honestly lovely people all round and if you haven’t before please go and check out their blogs. I am certain you will love them as much as I do.

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