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Self Care Evening | IDentity Lingerie

Hi! I’m back.

For the last month or so I took an inadvertent step away from social media. I’d like to pretend it was a conscious decision to take a social media detox but in actuality I just lost complete interest in it. I was still reading the occasional blog post and every now and then finding myself scrolling Instagram and liking some pictures but there was no enjoyment in doing it.

But I’m back today and I’m excited to catch up on everything I’ve missed! I’m also back with a post that has been in the works for a while and I’m very excited about. 

DISCLAIMER: Pyjamas gifted by IDentity in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. As always, all opinions, words and pictures are my own. I only work with brands that I like and think you will too. 

There are a plethora of posts on how to have a self care evening but most of them are pretty similar to the last, and mine today isn’t drastically different. But I did want to point out that not all self care evenings are like this for me. Sometimes I treat myself by eating healthy and working out. Other times I treat myself by gorging on bad food and not moving from one comfy position on my bed all evening.

I think that’s important to remember, you’re not always going to need the same routine when it comes to self care. Mental health isn’t a 1-2 step that always work. So when I want to boost my mood I can’t always follow the same 1-2 step routine. Do what feels right and what will help based on where you are in that moment. So if that means having a bath and reading something intellectual then do that. If it means you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and watch reality tv shows because mental exertion beyond doing that seems impossible, then do that. 

Another point to note is everyone has those self care evenings where they are wearing day(s) old, slightly crusty clothes and ignoring their skincare routine. You’re just not as likely to see them evenings online as they are not as “pretty”. That doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary though. 

A self care evening should purely be about *stating the obvious here* self care! 

Now onto my somewhat-predicable-self-care-evening-which-was-actually-exactly-what-I-needed-at-the-time. 

I’m still trying to lose weight so a month or so ago I finally started Blogilates Beginner Calendar which Courtney spoke about back in our collabs. I’ve since finished the month but I have grown to really like Pop Pilates. And for the most part I can do Cassey Ho videos as the majority of them aren’t about jumping around. 

Self Care Evening

I’ve also started a calorie counting diet, which is actually working pretty well. So after a half hour workout I was in the mood for one of my healthy(ish) meals that I’ve recently started making. It’s also very quick to make, which just in general, is a must for me.

Scrambled eggs & spinach on flatbread. 

Scrambled Egg & Spinach

Next up was a bath, which despite the below pictures didn’t look anything like this. Remember what I said about things seeming prettier online. But even though my actual bath that evening didn’t have flowers or an obscenely large candle, it was just as lovely for my body and mind. I had far too many bubble, the water almost unbarely hot (just how I like it) and reread the book Wild for the fifth time or so. Perfect, even if the pictures would have been less appealing compared to the ones I’m sharing below. 

Self Care Evening Bath Time

Self Care Evening

Almost every night I rush my skincare steps because I’m tired and any steps that prevent me getting into my bed seem like more work than they are worth. So on self care evenings I like to take my time with all my skincare steps. Sometimes I even get crazy and give myself a facial massage as I’m rubbing in my moisturiser.

Self Care Evening Skincare

Self Care Evening Skincare

Product reviews: First Aid Beauty | Derma Rolling | The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum | Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare

So, whilst I do sometimes wear tatty old clothes on a self care evening, I also really enjoy wearing cuter things. The type of clothes people usually wear for the sakes of someone else.

But in the same way that I wear very nice knickers when I go on a date, despite knowing I have absolutely no intention of letting anyone see them, I sometimes like to wear very nice stuff just for myself at home. And these pyjamas from IDentity sure gave me all the feel good feelings I was in need of. Plus they are just so friggin’ beautiful. I mean, look, look at that detailing on the cups! 

Self Care Evening | IDentity Lingerie

Whenever a company offers to send me something for free I always have this fear of receiving the item and being disappointed. Because whilst I would still be honest and not promote something I didn’t enjoy on my blog I would also feel guilty because, well, it’s difficult not to think of it as a present. And I wouldn’t tell someone I thought their present was crap. But luckily I haven’t had to experience this yet. 

Self Care Evening | IDentity Lingerie

IDentity Lingerie is a London based, family run business that hand make their items. And something I really like about them is they do free returns. I personally don’t buy from many companies that don’t accept returns as until you have an item in your hand how can you know whether it was worth your money, whether it will fit right, whether it will even look like its picture online? But when a company offers free return you really have nothing to lose from purchasing from them. 

These satin pyjamas are lovely and silky and wash up perfectly. You can always judge the quality of a piece of clothing after washing it and these felt and looked just as nice. 

Self Care Evening | IDentity Lingerie

Another thing to note about buying from IDentity is they list set items as tops and bottoms; so if you are a size Medium on top but a Large on bottom they will ship out the two different sized pieces. Which is great as my top half doesn’t match my bottom half when it comes to buying sets in S-M-L.

Self Care Evening | IDentity Lingerie

— IDentity Lingerie ship worldwide —

I often go in and out of listening to music. Sometimes I only think about it when I’m driving and other times I have something playing all day long. I’ve recently (and I don’t know how it took me so long) redescovered Panic! At the Disco. I obviously knew some of their songs but I also wasn’t really aware of them. That was until I realised Brendon Urie is bloody lovely and I developed a crushing crush on him. After watching many videos of him singing live I’ve also fallen for his amazing voice. If you’ve never watched him sing live, then please do, how he isn’t constantly out of breath is beyond me. This video here is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. 

However I find it difficult to listen to their music and not dance. So when I’m wanting to just have background music I’ll go for something a little calmer. 

Self Care Evening Music

Now back to the book Wild. Have you read it? Have you watched the film? If not, what are you doing?! Whenever I reread or rewatch the film I have the overwhelming urge to go backpacking across the unforgiving wildness. Obviously I can’t because of my disability but I am considering an alternative which, whilst not at all the same, is as close as I can get. But seen as that’s still just an idea I won’t get into it. But please read Wild and tell me whether it does or doesn’t ignite a similar fantasy in you.

Self Care Evening

Of course I couldn’t have a self care evening that didn’t include many cups of tea and lots of snuggles with Oscar and Mia. He was around by the way, he’s just less willing to have photoshoots unlike Mia. 

After finishing a handful of chapters of Wild I spent the rest of my evening watching tv shows on my laptop and drinking many more brews. Has anyone watched the show Killing Eve? I think it’s going to be the next show I start as it looks really good. 

Self Care Evening

Let me know what your self care evenings look like; are you more likely to have an “Instagrammable” evening? Or one that you’d be less inclined to share picture of online, but do the world of good for your soul?


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    • Sarah
      March 28, 2019 / 1:21 am

      😊 Thank you

  1. March 25, 2019 / 7:50 pm

    LOVEEE how you described self care. This was such a great reminder!!! I love how you said there is no routine in self care, it’s listening to your body about what it needs in that moment. I totally resonate with that! People often talk about intuitive eating or intuitive exercise, but intuitive self care is important too !! Thanks for sharing, Sarah 🙂 The identity products are lovely!

  2. March 23, 2019 / 3:48 pm

    In love with this post and I love your routine. I’ve been working on mine too. Working out mornings as well. Lol. I love Cassey Ho’s videos so I should probably do her beginner calendar too.
    I love that you make scrambled eggs with spinach because I make that too! Sometimes I add grape tomatoes with a side of avocado.
    That bath would be so relaxing but I cannot take baths because my kiddo would probbaly storm right in lol. In fact, I cant even take my eyes off him. Yesterday when i was in the shower, he pushed a chair with wheels to a tall shelf, and put his own chair on top of that one so it was tall enough to reach for the flashlight. 🤦‍♀️ but I digress…
    I love the lingerie that you got and it looks super cute! I should probably buy some for myself as well. To be honest I dont really own pajamas lol.
    It’s nice to see you’re back I totally missed you and I’m glad you decided to take a small break.

    • Sarah
      March 24, 2019 / 3:27 am

      The beginners calendar is really good! It’s a slow build up and you do the same video on the last day as you do on the first which is nice as you can see how you’ve improved 😊
      I’ve only just recently started eating spinach, I always found it too bitter but I didn’t realise there was milder version. Now I love throwing it in with whatever I’m cooking 😊 I’ve still never tried avocado, maybe that’ll be the next thing I realise I love 😉
      My sister is the same with baths, she usually has about 5 minutes before the kids realise she’s left the room and go and join her by throwing all their toys in the bath with her 🙈
      It’s really loving and because it’s pyjamas too it’s multi use 😉 although I probably wouldn’t recommend you wear it in front of anyone but your partner like you can with normal pjs 😋

      • March 28, 2019 / 5:24 pm

        Oooh I like that I’ll definitely look into it. I tend to stop working out for shark week because if I overly exert myself, which I often do, it tends to last much longer and I am not having that so I have to wait until it’s up completely but I’ll be starting one of those calendars, I need a new challenge.
        I think spinach is an acquired taste along with some other veggies like kale lol. But yeah I’m the same way I love it on everything including sub sandwiches. Oh avocado is so dang delicious but I know a lot of people that dont like it.

        • Sarah
          March 29, 2019 / 1:42 am

          I’ve never eaten kale either 😂 another one to add to the list of things to try 😊 and let me know what you think of the blogilates calendar if you do it!

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