Lockdown Loungewear | With Femme Luxe

Lockdown Loungewear | In Collaboration With Femme Luxe

Hello World!

So the World has been an.. – interesting place recently hasn’t it?? I’m so aware of the fact that our present life is instantly becoming history that will be spoken about in schools for generations to come. I naively, or optimistically, assumed I’d never live through big world history like this. I missed the discovery of electricity, I missed the World Wars, I missed the moon landing, I was fairly sure I’d miss flying cars and Artificial Intelligence being common place in society. But here we all are. Living through a worldwide pandemic. 

Things are scary and uncertain lately and our way of life has changed, fingers crossed things are slowly transiting back into what will become our new normal. But until then, and I’ve never been a fan of this corny saying but sometimes a corny saying says it all; we just have to keep on keeping on. 

Now, not to change the tone too quickly, but today’s post isn’t actually about the world changing, society changing, life changing effects that Covid 19 is having on all of us. It’s actually about the little ways of making lockdown a bit more enjoyable, and comfortable.

DISCLAIMER: Loungewear gifted by Femme Luxe in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. As always, all opinions, words and pictures are my own. I only work with brands that I like and think you will too.

This adorable little striped athletic loungewear set is the perfect combination of a comfy tracksuit and a stylish outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at home, the supermarket or a lockdown stroll with your dog. I say that, having worn it in all these scenarios. It is practical but oh so cute too.

‘Athleisure’ has been around for quite some time now. But more than ever it can reflect our current lifestyle of busy schedules (whether it’s zoom work calls or unnerving trips to the supermarket) and a more sedentary life of almost always being at home. I think what I’m loving about loungewear in general at the moment is that for a while, wearing nothing but pyjamas was fun. But I feel most of us are reaching an emotional and mental limit of only ever looking exclusively like our evening selves. So loungewear is treading the line between getting dressed up in jeans and a nice top (which has started to feel like formal wear to me) and pyjamas.

This set comes in multiple different colours. One of which has already been purchased by my sister after I sent her the photos to look at for me and she immediately, and unreasonable demanded I give her mine. My reply was just the link to it instead. 😜

Find similar striped loungewear sets here.

Cropped knitted Loungewear

This outfit is a knitted crop top and bottom set. This is more suited for the cooler evenings at the minute. But in England who are we kidding, it’s basically appropriate wear all year round. Please also note and appreciate Oscar’s cuteness for getting in the way.

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The final outfit I got was this belted loungewear set. At the time of ordering, the black version which I had originally wanted, was out of stock. So instead I got it sent over in ‘stone’ instead. I’m always a bit concerned with this kind of colour that I’ll just look naked. But it turns out, I actually really like it. I love the belt aspect which definitely changes it from shapeless pyjamas to more of a form fitting, cute outfit.

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Check out their website here.

Let me know how you have been getting on during lockdown? And what it your lockdown go to outfit?


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  1. August 21, 2020 / 3:34 am

    Guess this is the good side of lock down:) lovely choices there, love the knitted top and the black color the most!!

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